Successful hog hunt in the TX Panhandle.

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    Altus, Okl
    Went out last week with a new friend of mine named Paul out in the Texas panhandle for an evening hog hunt. We ended up killing 2 good boars. His dogs were phenomenal. I took my young catahoula female out there with me & she really started to turn on when the other dogs bayed the 2nd boar. She joined right in. It was exciting. I don't think I've ever seen a set of dogs, of any type, that had the "handle" that these dogs did. He could literally tell his dogs to do nearly anything at anytime, and they would obey. I guess that's the mark of a real hunter & a man who sure knows his dogs well. Anyway, I'll go ahead & include a picture or two.

    The first picture:
    The first boar was bayed at about 7pm & the dogs bayed it at the edge of a 100 ft cliff. It was a bad situation, but worked out well. We had to shoot this one. That's me in the OK State shirt, and my catahoula is the leopard dog to my right. The other bully-looking dog is his younger catch dog. He's an American Bulldog. This boar was somewhere between 180 & 200 lbs. He had some nice cutters.

    The second picture:
    This is the second hog we bayed & caught. This one was in fair territory, no cliffs, so we got to use the catch dogs on this one. The little bulldog caught first, on his first unassisted catch. We then turned loose the bigger catchdog, Jasper, to get in and help control the boar. We legged this boar and stuck him. This boar was 170-190 lbs... somewhere in there.

    It was a lot of fun, and I got to meet a new friend on the hunt. It doesn't get much better than that. I can't wait until Bray (WOOD18) gets to go out there with me and hunt with Paul, behind his dogs. We're learning!!!

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    Thanks for sharing!! I take it by you sticking him you used a knife on him? Now that is hunting!!! My wife wont let me, but dam Id like too!!!

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    TX Panhand
    The Texas Panhandle is getting a bunch of wild hogs and although I have shot a number of them I have never hunted them with dogs. I have bird dogs and have hunted birds behind them and have been with friends that have dogs that they hunt coyotes with but never hogs. That may be next on my list. The ranchers love to have you hunt as the hogs do a lot of damage to their land.
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    Great pictures! I'd love to get a hog someday!! Thanks for the pictures.
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    Thanks man!! Good pics! Not much rivals the excitement of huntin hogs with good dogs. Can't wait to get back down that way and do it myself again. I've got a friend south of Houston I try to get with every year, down around Cuero and Victoria.

    Good Hunting
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    congrats, my bro lives down in oklahoma i wanna come down and try out hog huntin sometime