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Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by Steve W, Feb 16, 2006.

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    :crying: I have been faithfully keeping my fishing log book. Recording everything from water temp, barometer reading, time, date, wind. But I still was having trouble coordinating my best fishing times with my days off work. So I went to my boss to explain my situation, and asked if he would authorize a few days off (with pay)during the middle of the week so I could test some of my new fishing predictions.But typical of a non-fisherman he couldn't see fit to give me the time off. So I started explaining to the bait(cut shad) that although I knew that these were not the best conditions for catching big fish. They never the less were going to have to try harder to attract the big ones to make up for sub-optimal fishing conditions. I was wondering if anybody else was having similar trouble?:confused:
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    I'm not exactly clear as to what the trouble is here, Steve: Is it that your boss won't give you time off to fish, or is it the fact that you are talking to dead & cut up pieces of fish :confused:

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    Steve, your post is a riot. I got quite the chuckle out of that one. That log will pay off for you eventually. Dont give up on it. Heres my advice. 1. dont give up on pestering the boss. 2. its okay to talk to your shad, just make sure no one else is around if you think they are answering you and your having a conversation. Lmao. Keep working hard, your efforts will pay off for you if you are fishing in an area known for big fish.