Suager and Hybrids are at the falls

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    I had a busy weekend and I did'nt have a chance to get the boat out, so I went over to the falls of the Ohio this afternoon to see if any fish were biting. There were probably 20 people fishing on the rocks and they were just wearing out the Sauger and white bass. I just had to join in the fun! I caught about 20 or 30 fish within 2 hrs. If you go take plenty of heavy (3/8 oz.) jig heads and large, white, red, and chartruse curly tail grubs. It was a blast! Around sunset the bigger fish moved in. I ran out of jigs so I started catching fish with a little plastic shad. There are a lot of shad in the shallows and a lot of fish feeding on them. While I was there I saw people catch White Bass, Sauger, Stripers, and Gar. One guy snagged a 50lb Paddle fish. There was a DNR officer on site. Dave
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    that sounds awesome. im going to have to try that tomorrow. thanks for the info