Stupid things I have done

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    I took my two children fishing Monday. First time out in a month! We were all three excited at the prospect of who was gonna catch the biggest one.
    After the obligatory stop at the store for swiss cake rolls, tater chips, soft drinks and chicken nuggets, we arrive at the boat ramp. I had the kids sit on the dock while I launched the boat. After parking the van, I came back to find the boat filling fast with water. The gas tank was floating. Ding Dang DARN (nicer words than the lady spoke)! My rubber boots quickly filled with chilled lake water as I found the plug and stuck it in the open hole.
    After re-trailering the boat and letting it drain, I again launched. This time with the plug IN. I pulled my soaked socks off and laid them atop the cooler to dry (without success) and fished barefooted for the rest of the day.
    The children were having a ball and took home a nice mess of cats and crappies to enjoy for dinner.

    This got me to thinking of the really stupid things I've done.... among the above, there was the time:

    My daughter and I went fishing and upon coming back to the ramp, she and I both are about to BUST. We took off for the facilities leaving the boat at the ramp. It was about dark thirty and maybe one other trailer in the parking lot.
    When we returned, we found the boat was 1/2 way across the lake. Not wanting to take a rather cool swim, I looked around. The only thing I could see to help were some fishermen at the bridge. I could see thier lights. I hollered and they being fishermen (gentlemen) came and helped this idiot that didn't tie the boat off before leaving it.

    Those are the two fishing related stupid things I have done, that I can remember.
    Sometime, I will share the one related to my white nurses cap. Remember those?

    Anyone else brave enough to fess up on your mistakes??
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    I do believe we have all done some things we would rather forget. I am too lazy to type all of my "stories". But rest assured, I do have a few.

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    About half way through my 20 year prison sentence in Chicago, I came to work one day. I usually did my surgeries early. Came in one morning, had a broken leg, some cat and dog spays and a dog castration. Things went well till the dog castration. A beagle male obviously. The gals went to get the dog, I knocked it down, tubed it and got it on the gas machine. Castrations take about 7 minutes. Cut him and because it was the last surgery I took it back to the kennel and Wah-La, they had gotten me the wrong Beagle. Oh Shi$.

    Now I had to re-scrub and gown and cut the right dog. Then I had to make "the Phone Call"

    My left knee up in my throat I called the owner. Dare ya to make one of those calls without a twinge of some kind. I explained the situation to the owner. Low and behold, "There is a maker". She said that's great we were thinking of doing that . Thank you very much.

    Now what do I do? I charged her full boat and thanked her for letting me do that. John.

    Did have more than my share of bottled beverage that night.
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    Heres just one story. I forgot to change balls on my hitch one day and 1/2 way to the ramp the trailer came off. Well I put my breaks on and the trailer went under my bumper. The only way to get the trailer unstuck was drive forward. When I was driving forward the dolly wheel broke off freeing the trailer. The worst part is the peple driving by had a look on their faces like what a dumby he is. They were quite right too.
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    Then there was the time I launched over the bank, only to hear this big 'splush' behind me just as I finished pushing the boat off the trailer. Turned around, and there was my station wagon, sitting in the water. I had forgotten to put it in park. Luckily, the water there only just came up to the bottoms of the doors; also lucky that I had a big comealong with me.
  7. Scott Daw

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    In high school I was what I called hand fishing for cats but since finding the boc its called jug fishing and later found its not allowed in my state so anyway...back to hand fishing..........

    i was out paddling around in a one man inflatable raft with my hand line and cranberry juice "bobber" floating around and I've got my reg fishing rod in my lap and a stringer of cats hanging off a tree that was over hanging the mine hole I was in. well my "bobber" started going astray so I paddle (by hand no room for an oar) over to my "handline" which had a hefty channel cat on. Well, he wasnt going down with out a fight and he spun on me and spined my raft. Then I had to quickly paddle back to my stringer of fish grab them & paddle to the opposing shore before I run out of air using one had cause the other was holding the stringer of fish away from the deflating hull of the raft. I got to about 4-5' of water when the raft no longer would support me and I had to walk the rest of the way with gear in tow.
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    one night (dont tell Amy) i was out fishing in the delta and i got sleepy. i didnt relish the thought of waking up underneath a tug boat so i kinda nosed up onto a mud flat. then i spread my sleeping bag out in the floor of the boat, cast out a line, cracked a beer, and passed out. i woke up right around daylight, that was when i realized that i had nosed up at high tide. my boat was about 4' from motor to water. high and dry.

    no big deal, i cell phoned Amy, told her the fish were biting good and i would not be coming home till after dark.
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    I've been guilty of the boat plug thing before.

    About 15 yrs. ago, my Daddy-in-law (he passed away this past Sept. 1, and boy how we miss him) and his clan and me and my clan, 4 adults, seven kids, took our two run abouts and camped on a beach at the lock upstream. I was the first one to poke his head out of the tent next morn, and the two boats looked like a couple of beached whales, the river had dropped overnight. All of us, kids included succeeded in freeing his and he pulled with his boat with the rest of us pushing to finally set mine free. We did catch some catfish and the kids had a blast, well the adults did too.
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    I spent a whole day workin and then that evenin,decided it was time to go fishin. I gathered my rods,box chairs . Took liver out of the freezer,grabbed the coleman lantern ,matches and filled my 6 pack cooler with beer ,another with sodas for my wife an daughter . We hauled butt to my fav fishin spot about 12 miles north at a bridge . got all set up and fishin when it was beginning to get dark I started to light the lantern ,but I grabbed the wrong one at the house ,not a drop of fuel in it and none in the truck either ,we fished till it was too dark to see and packed it in.
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    In my past life I was a beagle in the south side of Chicago & my owner took me in for a grooming, nail trim, & a worming......
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    i gotta spread the cheeze some more so i can rep ya. thats freakin hilarious!

    im never lettin' postb. anywhere close to me with a knife and scalpel.lmao.
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    I was fishing new ice for pike.The temp was about 17 degrees. I ran out of bait so I walked over to the inlet whare I could catch some shinners. Thats whare I would have been fishing but the ice was too thin,well it was too thin for shinner fishing too and I fell thru the ice about up to my chest.It didnt take my any time at all to get out of the hole,heck the inside of my boots didnt even get wet.So I started to get my stuff around to head for home.I was about 1/4 mile from my truck.As I was retriveing my gear I found it start getting hard to walk.My pants had started to freeze.I thought okay my gear will be ok till the next day.and headed for the truck. It was about this time I realized I could no longer walk with my pants froze stiff. I FREAKED! I took off my pants and had to run to my truck in my long johns,as they were thin enough that I could still bend the knees I got to the truck and warmed up.Had to drive 25 miles in my long johns. Gads Im glad I didnt get stopped by the cops.And that Brothers and sisters is just about the most stupid thing I have done fishing.also the 1st time I thought I was going to die. smokey
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    How come nobody has mentioned getting married ???? Need I say more ?
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    Yep, We've all got our stories, those of us that have spent much time in the outdoors,that is.
    Well, I was hunting mule deer up in nw colorado about 8 years ago with a good buddy and his dad on BML land. We had a nice camp set up, 2 big canvas tents, the works. I got back to camp after dark one afternoon and found my friends setting around a nice warm campfire. "Where's the water bottles?" I asked. I was plenty dry after that walk down off the mountain. "Behind the tent" was the reply.
    I took my blue enamel cup, walked back there in the dark, unscrewed the lid from one of the red 5 gallon contaniners and poured up a cup of WATER??? The wind was blowing pretty strong. You got it! I walked back and setting by the fire, holding the cup in my hand, my buddy said, "my gosh, Luke what are you drinking? You DID get it. I had poured a cup of gas from the WRONG container behind the tent!
    I was the focal point of MUCH kidding the next couple days... Normally, I am a relatively sane indivudual that always keeps safety first... We do all have our moments! Luke Clayton
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    Lost Wages
    Not me personally, well sort of. Me and a buddy were fishing a lake about 20-22 years ago. We pulled up to

    the back side of the lake in a cove because nature was calling my buddy. Well he goes up this ravine after

    hes done and gets to the side of it which is about 25-30 feet above the water. Well theres grazing land that

    meets the lake and theres this bull and all his lady friends standing around and my friend starts huffing and

    scratching his foot on the ground, IM YELLING, WHAT ARE YA NUTZ??? So he keeps doing this and I can

    tell the bull is getting tired of this and starts charging. Well the only place my buddy can go is over the edge,

    so here he comes over the edge past me and right into the water. Enclosed is a pic of a nice Crappie I

    caught during this fiasco. He took the pic while drying off.

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    I had an old jon boat and used ratchet straps across the back to hold it down on the trailer. Took my son out before day break to fish. He was in the passenger seat when I backed it up to the water. I prepared the motor stick but forgot to put in the plug and release the straps. I backed up in the lake to launch and thought I had the boat far enough into the water. Got out of the tuck only to find I backed up too far (since the boat did not float because I still had it strapped down), it was completely full of water. The boat ramp was steep and wet from other boaters and I had a hell of a time to get it back out of the water and up the ramp. Since then I made a point to do a triple check of all tie downs, etc,..