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  1. charbob4jesus

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    I just spooled my reel with 50# line and the stupid thing exploded of my reel when i went to cast it, had to re spool the whole thong again and then it happened again. i know there has to be some kind of trick.
  2. shelbygt1979

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    Olathe, KS
    Is The Line Mono??

    Is It A Bait Caster Or Spinning Reel??

  3. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    The spool is spinning underneath the line if it's a baitcaster.
    I guess a better definition is the spool is spinning a helluva lot faster then the line on it.
    Is the reel rated for 50 pound test?
    Be hard to get a good bite on a small diameter spool with 50 pound mono assuming you are using mono.

    I've never personally ran into the need for 50 pound line and I fish the rivers for large flatheads and catch them with no problem using no more then 25 pound test mono with 50 pound mono leader. A river with more snags then should be allowed in a river.
    Use even smaller line fishing the ocean surf for 50 pound drum with no problem. Usually 14-17 pound test and that is on the large side of line size. The drum gurus use less then that and catch way more then I do.:wink:

    I cant remember the last time I broke off catfishing on a fish. It just doesn't happen. Of course I stay on top of my line and leaders.
    After I catch a fish I run the first 20 feet or so of mainline through my fingers and run my fingers down the leader.
    Any irregularity and it gets cut back or the leader replaced.
    I periodically do this even without catching a fish.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    i agree with mark. sounds like you birdnested it. baitcaster? try tightening your spool knob just a lil bit.