Stupid Question about the Kansas River....

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  1. KansasKatter

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    Hey you guys from up there around the river. Are there any campgrounds along the river for RV campers? I know this may sound like a stupid question, but with the whole family going camping every weekend, including 10 month old daughter, it is just more conveniant to pull the travel trailer to camp. I have always wanted to fish one of the bigger rivers, but have no clue where to go. I thought if there were any campgrounds along the river, that may be a good place to start. Also any leads on public access areas would be greatly appreciated.

  2. OsageCountyCatman

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    Osage City, KS
    There are no developed camping sites anywhere along the Kaw. I even went to the Friends of the Kaw website and checked.

    Friends of the Kaw is a good place for information on present and future access to the Kaw.

    Some of the boat ramps have enough parking area to pull a camper in but none of them have running water, electricity or sewer. I'm not even certain you wouldn't be run off by the local gendarmes or KDWP.

    Lawrence has a KOA camp within a mile of the Kaw but that's probably as close as you'll get.

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    this might be late but theirs a campground in bonner springs 170 to 7h south obout 1 mile on left. from there you can go 1mile south on 7 to k32 go east or left allalong there is the river BUT if you go 3miles on 32 east you can reach a boat access. to the kaw