Stupid coyote

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  1. maverick43812

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    was out with the coon houds tonie nice weather they were doin good and a stupid coyote decided to start letting his presence be known he kept commin in and ruined the whole night had to hook up and head back home. guess tomorrow night ill bring the pistol see if its dumb enough to come in on us again.
  2. Phil Washburn

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    Shawnee OK
    lol...i was ready to draw down on you for jumping on our BOC brother coyote

    i am close to a river here in oklahoma and everyonce in a while the coyotes get close to me. they will run the creek at the backside of my yard. i would love to get a decent shot at 'em with my shotgun

  3. squirtspop

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    Glencoe, Arkansas
    Go get em! Coyotes have just about wiped out the cottontail and quail populations around here. I used to see lots or rabbits and either see or hear the quail doing their bobwhite singing but hardly ever anymore. They may not be the true blame for it but everyone is blaming them.
  4. ka_c4_boom

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    beleive it or not the house cats do more damage to wildlife here than the coyotes
  5. blackhorse83

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    According to Mo. conservation dept., house cats are the #1 game getter with hawks #2. So that's why season is open year round on cats for me. besides I just hate em.
  6. Coyote1

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    Brothers Charles and Lyle;
    I TOTALLY AGREE 100%!!!! I've seen {and taken care of} more "house cat" problems than I care to remember or count since I've been over here in MO!!!
    They are much more TREACHEROUS creature than Coyotes; including me. Although when dealing with them, I am more treacherous than them!!:angry: Grrrrrr!! :smile2: In fact, if you apply Sun Tsu's principals, the one about "know your enemy and know yourself and you will be successful in 1000 battles, ect, ect," then they are Easy to deal with!:smile2:
    I tell you another one that is a problem in the city for some folks too is those daggone Squirrels! Usually the "Gray" variety in this part of the country too! I've seen more home's roofs, not to mention inside attics, ect, damaged by them than just about anything else! I've had to have the Cable TV, and Phone cable's replaced several times in the past 9-10 years!! Three for the Cable and two for the phone!!
    However, they do seem to leave the Electrical Power lines to my home ALONE!!!!:lol: The Cable TV service man tells me that Squirrels are "Job Security" for him!!:smile2:
    I have a Raccoon Family, an Opossum Family, and a lovely Hawk that visits fairly often and all of them together on their worst day do not do the damage that "1" Da*med house cat will do to our property!!!:angry:
    It does seem, however, that more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that many Coyote's have a "Bad Rep" in various areas of the country! Remember this; a Coyote will kill to eat, a "house cat" kills to be killing for the Fun/Play of it!!:angry: I've personally seen it happen too da*med many times to believe otherwise, which by the way, is also a fault you can use against them too! }:) <weg>
    One of these days, I am going to get my Nikon F-100 set up at the right time with the kitchen window UP and take some photos when he catches a "Turtle/Morning" Dove!! I had the window open last week and he was 10-12 feet from my window but the screen was still down and I was afraid of scaring him off if I raised it so I just talked with him for a while while he was eating so that now he knows he is welcome to visit, and eat, at any time without fear from either myself or Raven. :smile2: Should I get some good photos I plan on submitting a few to the MO Dept. of Conservation for consideration in the State Conservation Magazine that is FREE to MO Residents!:big_smile:
    Finally, Brother Phil, "THANK YOU" for watching out for me!:smile2: I appreciate my Brothers that watch out for my interests, AND My Back!:big_smile: And you thought I didn't see you sitting over in that corner didn't you????:lol:
    Take Care ALL,
    "May All Your Day's Be Sunny and Warm.
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  7. bigcatman

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    Ashville, Ohio
    like across the street from my house there used to be so many rabbits and phesants but the coyotes back there are just so over populated around my house
  8. Abu65

    Abu65 Active Member

    I couldnt have said it better myself. They will kill just to be killing where coyotes, Hawks ect. don't kill more than they need to eat.
  9. poisonpits

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    you are rite about cats coys. and hawks doing lots of damage to rabbit and quale pop.along with habitat destruction.coon,possums,fox.,skunks,they all help.the biggest predator on song birds is crows.we saw a show on tv that showed them working in would get the parents to chase them then the other would fly in and grab the babies.then they would trade no tree hugger but i love the song birds so i go crow hunting any time its legal.i know its not rite to kill something you have no intention of eating but i cant help myself.just me
  10. flathead jack

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    I hate cats in the woods. .22 mag comes in handy many a time a year