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    :confused2: Back in 1992 I traded a 14 ft flat bottom to a so called friend of mine. He never did pick up the boatand he has the title.Problem is it is still in my name since he never did sent it in to get put in his name. Sec problem is personal prop taxes hasn'tbeen paid on it since 92,I'd like to get the boat lic legal again but I just can't see Me having to pay the back taxes since I don't feel like it was my fault he didn't do what he said he'd do. It's a darn good boat and sure would like to be able to use it. Any thoughts on my big headache?
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    I wouldn't think you'd have to pay the taxes on it since '92. If you sold the boat, it wasn't yours, even if they didn't pick it up and its still in your name. A deal's a deal. Just my two cents.


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    If it is on your property contact your state & get the "Abonndanded Boat" paper work started. They should walk you through all of it.
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    Just swallow the taxes and file for a lost title and you are good to go. You would have been paying the taxes on it anyway if you hadn't made the deal with him.
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    If I understand you, you want to end up with the boat again, kind of the "friend" defaulted on the deal by not getting the title in his name. I would go down and tell them I lost the title and need a new one issued to me, pay the back taxes that you would of had to pay any way if you hadn't sold it and pay those taxes with a smile. If your "friend" comes back and wants the boat he would owe you for all the back taxes you paid, plus the new title being made and however much more it takes to get you back to ground zero monetarily and a little additional money for your troubles. The next bill of sale would have on it that if he doesn't have it titled within 2 months of the sale the boat returns to your ownership and he loses any and all items or monies he exchanged for the boat. And, the boat doesn't leave your property until he presents to your a title for the boat in his name. You could always re-title and re-sale. :roll_eyes:
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    That is some great suggestions there, I would go with that. Good luck no matter what you end up doing brother. Hope it works out for ya.
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    I think your right about this although they may call it something else. you may even contact your "friend and see if he'll give you a bill of sale and the title back.
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    Here in Indiana you would own the boat for stoage fees owed by him to you.
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    One of the places I've been fishing for 20 years is about 1/2 mile walk up the railroad tracks from where I live. the whole time I've been going there I've seen this old 14' "V" hull aluminium boat that was tied to a tree years ago and sunk. Time and floods have filled it with rocks and stuff and the rope has long since rotted away. I've asked everyone around and no one knows who's boat it was. So last year I got in the water and got everything out of it, and managed to get it out of the river. It has no registration numbers and no hull numbers that I can find but is still in pretty good shape besides a lot of small dents. I'd like to see what I can do about getting it registered and put my little 3HP motor on it. Any advice, guys?