Stumbling out of bed this morning...

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    making my way to the coffeepot(does anyone else act this way when first waking for the day?) my husband was following behind like an excited puppydog.He was saying to me "You'll never believe it, you'll never believe it" buzzing around me,meanwhile I have one eye open,and am trying to get the other eye open buzz buzz,finally I turn around and say OK ALREADY!!! What is it I'm not going to believe? Well................???? He looks at me with this huge grin and smiling he says "The Japanese have invented a box like thing that is remote controlled from shore,it's a fish finder like they have on boats. I guess I gave the wrong description it's not a box he says it looks like a boat with GPS.You use it from shore with remote control. I said "Where did you ya hear about this?" He informed me he heard it on the Kansas City News. It has a rough estimate of $6000.00. It wasn't said wheather or not it was for sale yet,but probably will start showing up on fishing shows,and in magazines. Great for those that have the ready cash! Neat invention,but bring it down in cost quite abit is my opinion!:big_smile: