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    Though I don't really have knowledge to share that'd be helpful for most of the posters here, I figured there's a lot who just sort of hang out and soak up what they can from the experienced folks. Sooo. . .here's what I've absorbed from only being a freshwater guy for 9 months.

    1) Don't buy prepared bait from Wal-Mart. I must've spent $50 bucks on dehydrated shad, little tubs of goop, "bites" that may as well be cat poop, etc. None ever got a bite in my local waters. The stuff catches a lot all right- a lot of new catfishermen's wallets.

    2) Those solunar things, when combined with local weather, really do work.

    3) GoogleEarth rules. Great hole-finder for bank fishermen.

    4) Learn to tie knots well :angry:

    5) Go local. Use local fish for bait, and what the locals use when it's not fish. For example, we don't have much shad around where I fish. The catfish eat sunfish, white bass, and minnows. Also, the old-timers are always using tubs of chicken livers. Our fish don't dig nightcrawlers so much. About $20 in nightcrawlers later, I learned this.

    6) Always hook a brother up. Some guy wanted to know where they catch the striped bass up near my town. I let him follow my truck to where I see people getting those. In return, he told me all about some little trails going out in his neck of the woods where people get big flatheads.

    Hope it helps another new guy out there!
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    That all sounds like good advice to me, and well put. I especially like the "go local" part. Local knowledge is locally evolved over time, hard to beat that!

    Personally, I would be a little bit careful on who you hook up with what information. Unfortunately, a few folks will take what you give em, use it up, and give nothing back.