Studying the blue catfish?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by bhunt, Nov 28, 2006.

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    I was wondering if it was legal for a fisherman to radio tag our just tag a catfish he catches to try and study the every day life of the catfish? I can catch a bunch of blues and would like to track them to see how they live ever day. This maybe exspinsive to buy the equipment to do if its is even legal to do unless you are with the fish and game department. It was done on the Bass Master tournaments this year and it showed some very good info. I would love to do a study on blue catfish by tracking precaught fish during ther normal every day life. Just wondering this maybe a unrealistick dream I have.
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    It doesnt seem like it would be legal but thats just my thought. now maybe if you could hookup with some scientists who are studying they they would let you tag them with them. itd be really interesting to do. hopefully it is legal. itd be great.

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    North Texas
    My guess, any law that relates to fish study, tracking, etc. (if there is one) is going to vary state to state. Calling your local fish and game department may be the best way to start.
    I know Texas Parks & Wildlife did this same kinda thing a few years ago on catfish in a lake environment. Mainly checking to see if they tend to "migrate" from season to season. Some of the things I remember from reading it:
    Given decent food supply and non drought/flood conditions the average blue/channel may not leave an area no bigger than a few hundred yards during an entire annual cycle. Flatheads tended to roam a bit more, but not as much as one would think.
    The main varibles was if the fish had access to both deep (like 20+ feet) and shallow water (less than 5).
    And similar to most fish, they tended to follow structure of some form when traveling back and forth from deep to shallow. Even across flats, there seemed to be a known set of paths going across it. When cats would suspend in open water, they were doing so as it related to the schools of bait fish. Basically they concluded if we classified schools of bait fish as structure like we do the bottom of any body of water, a cat appears to almost always have something structurally to relate too, even if we can't see it (like underwater currents changes, thermolines, etc.).
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    In my area, the DWR requires special permits to tag any fish for any reason. That could also be the case in your area, I would check with your fish and game department to see what the process is to obtain the permit.

    Who knows, maybe you can do it with out a license to do so.

    In any case, radio tracking devices are kind of spendy and it does require a good deal of time and commitment to carry out a study of that nature.