Struggling on the James River

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    So my little Jon Boat is out of comission indefinitely. Didn't treat the wood like I should have before building it, so there is a lot of rot. Oh well live and learn. Because of that I am confined to the bank. I fish downtown in Lynchburg (on the Amherst side just under the bridge). I know there are some people that do fish there and catch some decent cats. I've had luck occasionally but am looking to increase productivity. I find that I am getting snagged a lot and when I'm not snagged I'm not getting any bites. My current set up on the line is a 1.5oz egg sinker with a red bead infront of it tied to a swivel. I then tie on an 18" or so leader with either stink bait or hot dogs and occasionally liver. Should I float the bait up off the bottom a bit? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    switch to big pieces of cutbait and I would bet your catches would be more and bigger

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    I live in Richmond and there are not alot of productive bank areas to fish. At least that I know of. I've hit all the ones you read about on the web. I get snagged all the time. I lose sinkers like there's no tomorrow. Its not just me though if you go to alot of piers there's cables in the water right in front of both piers I go to. Everybody gets snagged.
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    Welcome to the BOC.

    There is a fella I know who I believe fishes the rapids from shore or wades up around Richmond.

    Your biggest problem is bait. Catfish will eat the stuf you are throwing them but the one rule of the fishibg kingdom is, big fish eat little fish. If you know someone who has a castnet, or can afford one, you will NEVER regret the purchase.

    Once you start fishing with live bait or cut that bait into pieces, your catch rate WILL increase and your average size will increase as well.

    Snags- Snags tell you that you are in the right area. Browse through here mor methods to slow your snag rate such as a proper 3 way rig, and how to properly use a KatBobber.

    Good Luck and welcome to the BOC.


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    welcome to boc good tips in boc lib
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    I tried fishing the James in Lynchburg one time and got snagged each time I threw my line out. I got frustrated and went home.

    I'm thinking a slip bobber rig set to the right depth should cut down on your snags some.