Structure in water...and finding it????

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    Ok i know how to find structer like walls and bends and trees sticking out of water but!!! what about drop offs i dont have a fish finder bcuz im on the bank and like breaks in the current or wut ever so if someone could help me out it would be great!!!

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    The locating of structure of this type is mostly done by observation. You can look at the topography of the land around a lake/river and fairly accurate picture what is beneath the water. Land which genltly slopes to the water will generally continue as shallow slope. You will have to get out quite a distance from shore to find deep water. Of course, there could be a creek bank or such just 10 feet from shore and you wouldn't think it was there. A steep sloping bank will generally continue to steeply slope and, depending upon the terrain, may make a series of dips like plateaus. Big rocks on the bank generally mean rocks under the water. Look at maps of the terrain before an impoundment was flooded. You can tell where roads, bridges, hills, valleys etc was at before the water came up. Talk to the elderly people in a bait shop, at the grocery store, at the domino parlor. You can learn a lot from their knowledge. There is always something new to be learned about your fishing hole, but you need to be the one asking questions about the answers you'd like to hear.

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    what i do is ask somebody that fishes that water so if you see somebody when your fishing ask them where the deep spots are at and the structure most people are glad to help.