Stripers on Marion

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    Last week my kids and I caught a few Stripers on minows in the wyboo/potato creek area. (we have a home in potato creek)

    We fished the bigest drop off 12 down to 25 feet and dropped the minows down to about 15 feet in the 25 foot

    3 inch minows

    we used #3 circle hooks (worked perfect by the way)

    20# floracarbon for leader

    we caught 4 and one would keep 27 inch the short ones where close (24inch)

    Santee is 26 inch and 3 fish max

    What could we do better? We want to catch a good one, we will eat it and then we will practice CRP on all the rest.

    Can't remmeber if I have ever have had striper? Must be to much beer I just dont remember ever eating one.

    I recall catching a few nice ones in the late 90's drifting for cats near the cross over but those where flukes not targetted fishing.

    They hit like a frieght train and teh kids love the scream of the reels.

    Help me out if you would please.

    Thank you,

  2. Fishmaster1203

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    One thing that would put more fish in your boat is live shad instead of minnows. I don't know if herring are legal bait on your lake, but they are great too.

    The bad part is you have catch the shad with a throw net and have a round or oval bait tank to keep them in.

    It is a lot of trouble catching and keeping shad, but you will catch a lot more stripers on them, compared to store bought minnows. Stripers also love cut shad and fresh ones work the best.

  3. brother hilljack

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    keep on trying, sounds like you are doing pretty well
  4. Sunbird

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    Sandy Run,
    Hey Curt shoot preacherfisherman a pm, he is a tourney striper guy. he knows alot about them fishes! I kinda agree with westpoint shad will work better.
    As far as needing a bait tank I would, if you didn't have one, take a 5 gallon bucket and go to walmart get a battery operated (2 D cell) bubbler for $7. It will bubble for 30+ hours on 2 batteries. Put the shad in the bucket and make sure bubbler sinks to the bottom. If you buy them (shad) at a marina get them to put water in your bucket, it is treated already to help vitality. If you catch them with a cast net use lake water, it will be ok for short time. This will work great this time of year since it's cool. Keeping bait alive for days and in hot summer temps takes a little more work, hence needing a tank. I kept 3 dozen herring alive in a bucket with the bubbler, and water that came when I bought the bait, for 3 days. Lastly, bait fish are very fragile so using a dip net to get them out of the bucket is a good idea and handle them very carefully to avoid knocking their scales off. Hope this helps. Let us know. If you catch a keeper to eat, filet it and make sure to get the red cut out of the back of the filet. I'm sure there are some good recipies for grilling them.

    Watch out though Striper fishing is addictive! Teach those kid's right now ya' hear!!
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    I agree with the others, live shad or herring are the best bait this time of year. We usually fish down rods for striper and also have ove or two larger cork lines out so we can vary the depth. Haven't caught alot on Santee but now is the time to catch them. If you're drifting for cats put a live shad out while drifting with just a small buckshot on it and you might grab one also, freelining is a very popular method on Lake Murray. Hope this helps some, I'm sure others on here can give you better info.
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    Funny, the striper is one fish I have never been able to catch. People say they fight harder in still water than blues in current. I've eat them though. Fried in mustard based marinade and breaded I think with a mix of flour seasons and cornmeal too.
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    Yup, Steve B and Sunbird are the two striper guys on here. They'll help ya out any way they can, I'm sure.

    And don't feel bad. I've actually gone striper fishing without ever catching one. I caught my first one 10/10 of this year.....on a nightcrawler, by mistake. I was actually fishing for some of "Pat's Magic Percheses." Pat, you know we love ya, man.....:smile2: