stripers on lake mead

Discussion in 'Striper Fishing' started by Bambu, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Bambu

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    my wife and i are planning a trip to vegas in nov and plan to go out with a guide just wondering if anyone has fished lake mead for striper before,wondering what to expect avg size of fish, main bait fish, lake cond etc. thanks for any help:smile2:
  2. ozzy

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    Lost Wages

    Dont waste your time, the water is very low and the striper are small. They will BS ya since your out of town. Most pics are about 10 years old. Trust me. :wink:

  3. NJ CLAD

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    I fish the lake a lot. The lake is very low, the lowest since it was filled. The fish are generally small, and most are stunted. Fish from 1-3 pounds are common, there are millions of them, but most are very skinny fish for their length. We commonly catch more than a hundred in a night, that will weigh 1 to 3 pounds, and will yield 25 to 30 lbs of fillets.
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    Ya know... Ifin I were you, I'd get with a quide and hit up "Willow Springs" area... just below the Dam... not sure if "Cole" has open time.. but he is the man for stipper below the dam... got big fish records... Allen Cole.. check him out... surely will beat out fishing on the lake ....

    The fishing is in steep walled canyons up there and is cool in the summer heat if that means anything.... I've been there a time or two... came up river 50 miles from below, and I have launched at Willow as well...

    Ya see... there is a trout hatchery there and brings the big fish in..

    The man.....Allan Cole.. Henderson Nev.... nov is good time of year...