Striper Regulations?

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by freshbaitrules, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. freshbaitrules

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    What is the law on keeping stripers in the James river.

    My knowlege is that you cant keep any of them.

    I just got off the game dept. and marine res. com. websites and I'm not going to take the BAR exam.

    Some plain english for a dummy like me would be nice.

    Just curious.
  2. Paraguayguy

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    Va Trophy season May 1-15 one fish over 32 inches and I think there is some sort of reporting requirement
    May 16-June 15 two fish over 18 inches and less than 28 inches. You can forget catching a big one in the James in Richmond during the spring season. They have spawned out by then and the Bay boys are catching them. You do have a shot at schoolie males dink fish after the 15th of May. I used to catch them on live white perch fished around the Rock above ancarrow ramp at dawn.