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    Had a BOC member ask a question about Land locked Stripers and Fish passages in Smith mtn.. I answered a little to deep in info. But after a re read it. I thought maybe some distance striper fishermen would like to read some tid bits about Smith Mtn, and the Roanoke River Drainage...

    Here was My Reply...

    JP my boy. you mean to tell me, you live just 45mins away from Smith Mtn, and you ask that question? ha, just giving you a hard time....

    Yes they are land locked stripers. And No Smith Mtn lake dam does not have a fish passage or Locks of any kinda. Smith Mtn is dumped into Leesville, which acts as a flood control lake for Smith Mtn. Which Leesville dumps into Lake Kerr (buggs Island) and it dumps into Lake Gaston which then finally dumps into the Albermarle Sound...

    Above Smith Mtn Lake is a Dam Called Niagra dam, which can be seen from the blue ridge parkway. but it does not hold a body of water behind it. It flows continusly through a turbine house loacted down from the dam. Above Niagra dam, up stream from Roanoke, and up from Salem. Is a new body of water. Called Spring Hollow. It's No trespassing, and is Damed (i belive) from an Off Flow from the upper Roanoke river, down stream from were the North and South Fork meet. All of the Bodies of water is damed on the Roanoke River, Which as closer to the Coast it gets. Its more commonly known as the Stantun (sp?) river...

    As for the Stripers. They were stocked in Smith Mtn sometime in the 70's. After being Damed Smith Mtn reached full pond sometime in 1967.

    the Stripers continuned to be stock from then on. with the later 80's and 90's being the golden the years, as they say. With fish weighing 30-51lbs Holding the state recond a 51.? until a 53lber was caught from Leesville lake. Smith Mtn with an average of 12-25lbs. Until the Kill off in the spring of 2003, killing 80% of the fish over 10lbs. A numerous amount of theories are said to be a result of there death. , but in my opinion, i belive it to be a result of a number of those therioes combined. I wont go into details. But a result of a alost 100% threadfin kill off in the winter of 02/03. Spring Flood rains in '03. Polutants of the over wash from the Water Treatment plant in Roanoke, and rain wash from the cow fields on the Blackwater River side. A parasite in the mouths of the stripers, not harming the fish, just using them as a host. But do leave an open wound for infection and bacteria, i.e. Ecoli. Combine all that and your have a situation.....

    As for the migratory fish. No there are none, except for the Saltwater stripers coming up the sounds and in the the Roanoke River. As for the Lakes, most of the Lake Has a run of Stripers that flock up the rivers in a False spawn. They spawn, but the eggs die. Not the type of rivers that they need for proper egg development... All tho you have the The Vic Thomas Hatchery, formerly the Brookneal Hatchery, annually spawns and hatches millions of striped bass. The striped bass produced here are from landlocked fish captured in the Roanoke River drainage. The Stripers are shocked up and the eggs are fertilized in the hatchery. The hatchery is located on the Roanoke River about Lake Kerr........

    I hopes this some it up......
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    Very good thread. Thanks

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    Good response. Rep sent brother.