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Discussion in 'Striper Fishing' started by rustystinkbaitrules, Nov 4, 2009.

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    North Carolina
    Okay so my aunt has a pier on Lake Wylie and me and my dad fish there all the time, mainly for catfish but i know theres largemouth bass and stripers in there. I know they are out there but i dont know what kind of lure to use. ive tryed almost everything, but can anyone give me links or reccomendations for lures or bait to use from a pier or bank.
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    ive been getting more into artificials lately myself, it kinda depends on what there feeding on. on lake hartwell when there on the threadfins something small like a little cleo, small spooks, little fishes, small hair jigs, kastmaster(something small and white or chrome). for the bigger fish eating gizzards go big, redfins,spooks,poppers. dont be afraid to use big lures(6-10in) striper will eat huge baits. also swim baits and flukes that imitate the shad or herring if there in there(never fished wylie). that should get you started(or at least lighten your wallet,lol) im sure others will list more, those are the ones ive used and have worked for me, and before i forget BUCKTAILS i havent had alot of luck on them but alot of striper guys swear buy them. good luck

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    Michael, they are very very few stripers in wylie.The only ones that are in there are some that have made it in from mountain island lake.I know of a couple that have been caught by guys fishing for crappie,,so dont get discouraged if you dont get one.Wylie is not stocked with stripers.Kinda strange that lakes above and below it are stocked and it isnt.As far as lures for the bass,Id say something that imitates a shad.If you have a cast net or can get some shad,try using them alive,,almost everything in the lake will eat them.Stripers at wateree in the fall/winter are eating a lot of small/tiny shad.I use a bucktail and a ice fly for casting.The ice fly is basically a small lightweight spoon,,the bucktail is used for the weight for the casting,called a tandem rig.It'll catch white bass and perch too.Ive caught a few small largemouth on the ice fly.