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    Still too cold yet but I had to take my son to the dentist today so scouted out some strip pits afterwards.The pit in the picture is in area 6 just west of Pittsburg.I used to fish these pits a lot in float tube and I'm getting tubes for myself and both kids this spring.They are 11 and 13 and old enough to handle it now.These pits are so small a tube is the best way to fish them because they're totally can just ease into the water and start fishing.I was fishing one near Cherokee once when I saw something move out of corner of my eye and when I turned my head a huge flathead was swimming under me.It startled me and I jumped and kicked him and he about flipped me out of tube.Anyway when it warms up I'm going to be out there.I've caught some pretty big fish in them and just let them pull me around til they're tired.

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    That sounds like fun. Id like to do that sometime but I would probably have to use a tractor tube.:smile2:

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    If you keep you eyes open, you can usually find used float tubes on craigslist for a decent price.