Strength of anti-reverse bearings ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by kyron4, Feb 17, 2007.

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    Hello, Are the one way roller bearings used for instant anti-reverse in reels made to last the life of the reel ; or over the years will they begin to slip, and or brake/ wear out ? Are they as strong and solid as a pawl type stop ? I know some reels have a back-up pawl if the bearing "slips", mine don't. That makes me wonder if it's a weak link of the reel if it needs a back-up pawl. Should I get a few spares for my reels for down the road?
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    After questioning different manufactures,this is what I think.It is weaker.It works by locking up or jamming as I call it.If it jams too tightly it won't come loose,or won't without damage.The pawl type back up is not instant and only catches if the instant slips far enough.If everything works as hoped it will keep the instant reverse from slipping too far and locking or destructing.The major reason for needing the backup is over stressing the design and build of the reel.Stronger lines,heavy loads and tight drags are the things that destroy most reels.The manufactures clearly state what a reel is designed for.When we exceed it we abuse it.The main thing I was told is not to exceed the "Reel line rating with the drag".For a 20 lb.line rated reel,as little as a 5 lb.setting on a full spool could break some 20 lb.rated lines by the time you get down near a empty spool.I have found lines regularly break at 3/4 and under of their rated strength and others on here have written of their disappointing results when testing lines.Spool design is what decides the change in braking or drag.This change happens on all reels from tiny fishing to huge industrial,construction and nautical reels or wenches.While a 100 lb.line on a 20 lb.rated reel may affect your casting,it won't hurt your reel if your drag is set properly for a 20 lb.line.If you properly set it for a 100 lb.line,"ouch".This is what I have got out of the ways that it has been explained to me.I have used a lot of cheap large line just to be able to feel and handle it with my hands,and I was very concerned about damaging the reels I was using as some have been provided by others for me to fish with.I Love you Brothers and Sisters,peewee