Stren line too unmanagable, near pointless memory

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by FordTruckGuySTX, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. FordTruckGuySTX

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    Well I've used stren back in the day when i was very young exclusively until i found the wonders of spiderline, recently i've went back to some mono lines and i had a nice review of the duratuff as far as strength and such but the more i use it i've noticed on both the 5501C3 and my Cardinal it has way too much memory, not as bad as the hi-impact but definately enough to annoy. now i also got an almost free spool of 20# hi vis hi-impact. Well I've spooled up my Penn 105CS and Abu 106C with it and although it does cast decent and has decent strength that stuff has ALOT of memory to it, you cant even come close to the spools true capacity on either reel with the stuff and have to watch it when you flip the bail even with tension on the line when applied on the spool. no joke the 20# stren has alot more noticable memory than the 40# Trilene BigCat spooled on my 10000BG. I can baby that thing with no trouble and handle the 40# with ease yet the Stren, hardly. Any other thoughts
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    i do beleive i would use K-Marts "sportfisher" brand line before id use Stren, that stuff is GARBAGE!

  3. gadzooks

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    If you are going to use mono, Berkely Big Game is the one to choose, or even XT. Both are tough lines, but like most mono, will have memory. I use primarily 12, 15, and 20 lb test.
  4. crazy

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    Any more I figured stren and berkely where pretty much the same just different packages. Makes a person wonder when the same company owns both. I know back when dupont owned stren it seemed more consistent then trilene at least to me anyways. Now days I use big game but that is only because I can get it in the color and pound test I want.
  5. flathunter

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    I still have several unopened spools of stren line, once I started fishing berkly biggame I wont use it agin.
  6. TxRiverman

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    I quit using all mono above 20lb test(except for leaders)for two reasons,
    1.Above 20lb the dia. of the line just naturally makes it stiff and unmanageable.
    2.Because its stiff it tends to coil and take a memory alot faster.
    This is just my experience with mono. I use braid when i want a high test line, it wont coil or get memory.