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    In the Summer the water is in full stratification. With the lower water not mixing with the upper more oxygenated water, the bottom tends to have a very low amount of oxygen. Respiration by animals and bacteria deplete the dissolved oxygen and theres not enough light for photosynthesis. This stage is known as, Summer Stagnation. The bacteria breaking down dead fish and foliage caught in the lower level is what causes the water to stink in the fall when the upper level slowly starts cooling off and then eventually the thermocline disappears and all of the water can mix together and is all of the same temperature. Then all that dead foliage and fish come floating to the top. Now with all the water the same temperature the top water in contact with the cold air cools and falls to the bottom quickly which helps to mix the oxygen and nutrients evenly throughout the entire body of water. This process is know as the fall turnover.

    Some people think the turnover causes fish to stop biting for a few days. This is not true, the fish are just a little harder to locate because of the fact that they once again have the entire body of water at the same temperature.:big_smile: