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    There's a pond at a local park I'm eager to get back out to and fish but want to do so with a plan. I've never specifically targeted Catfish here so I don't know if they are even there. I figure it's a body of water that's been there for over 5 years so it's bound to have some. The bream/bass fishing I've tried has never been successful. It's fished moderately little to no fish caught (that I've seen) but there are plenty of shad in the shallows, the local WLF occasionally stocks it with trout and I know for sure I saw about a 2.5 - 3 foot long choupique once as came up to the surface rolled and went back. I'm sure it wasn't a Gar. The pond is about 2 to 2.5 acres in size and am unsure of how deep it is. I have a small pirogue that I was going to use to drop some noodles in the pond.

    I figured the best way to observe the fish presense in the pond would be to throw a few noodles out there with shad/cut bait. I'm just not sure if I should just go right out in the middle and just drop them as close to the bottom as I could get or if I should stick close to the banks.

    I've read through some of the older threads just didn't find the answers to my questions.
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    One I don't have a clue what a choupique is?:eek:oooh: must be cajun for something else:big_smile:

    Now for the pond problem,I would make some jug/noodle lines with different lengths of line and some different baits and right before dark baitem' up and throwem out in deep water,then let them drift to the different depths,go back first thing in the morning and run those lines to see what you got. It's a great way to locate fish that your not sure if they are there without wasting a bunch of your time. If you got fish then pay attention to what depths the best fish come from.

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    shoe-pick = bowfin
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    good show Bill, you are correct. nasty lookin thangs, prehistoric almost.
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    Not sure if you have a state pole limit there or not. But for a pond that size & age I'd try using double drop rigs with small sinkers & smaller hooks. Put out as many as you can baited with as many different bites as you can and a few with floats. place a few close and a few out towards the middle. Space them out about ever 10 feet or so on the bank. I would start with hooks in the #2-0/1 range if using "J" hooks,Circle hooks 1/0 - 2/0. For baits try chicken liver,small cut bait,worms,shrimp. By using double drop rigs you with double the number of hooks & baits in the water. use two different baits on each DDR. After you find/land a few then change your hook size & baits to meet your needs.
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    heres a pic of one also known as a bowfin or mudfish

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