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Stranger creek

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any one been going? i have drove down there twice near linwood scouting it out i plan on going just wondering if anyone else has been down there
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Hey my name Brandon I have been down there alot I lived down in linwood if you want to go you sould because there are some big cats down there there is a road that there use to be a brige but it fell down thats wear I go fishing it is not that hard to find anyone will tell you wear it is it is in the town linwood I caught a 42lb blue cat out of there and 19lb carp very good fishing down there so if you go have fun and tell me how you do talk to you later
yeah thats the spot i have been eyeballing for awhile now,its looks pretty good.thanks for the tips,what kind of bait should i bring down there?
shadsides worms and chickin liver I cought the 42lb on shad sides anything will work all you have to do is wait the will come around and you will know thats what I use down there I might see you down there some time talk to you later
cool i hope we do see each other down there, seems like a nice spot maybe we can meet up some time and kill a night fishing?
ya I think we could do that sometime but you go frist and try it out
hey this is brandon have you went down there yet I havent but I will be going soon maybe we can kill a night down there just wanted to see if you went down there later
linwood were is that at? close by? ks or mo
Linwood is in Ks , out by Bonner Springs , we can go out there sometime.
i had fished it a few times over this summer but never did even get a bite its a decent looking place and plenty deep, i am sure the good ones move in there
hey warcraft , can you give me directions to the spot where you are talking about?
sure, do ya know how to get to linwood?if so just head there turn left at the gas staion(theres only one) go all the way through town look for the dead end park and walk down,she is right there that where it starts at decent spot
anyone doing any good lately, did any of you see the pictures of the flattie my family caught?
i didnt see it, can you post it?
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