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    i was at the hospital today with my son, just the stomach flu, but i saw an article in an old fishing magazine about putting large bait on the main hook and a couple of smaller or equal size on the other hooks, all coming off a 3 way swival caralina rigged. in theory it sounds good, its definitly different, but with the illistration they show it seems to me like they would just tangle up or screw up the hook set. anybody used this system before, any advice. it was meant as general purpose but with the bait size needed for decent catfish it seems even more unlikly it would work but willing to try anything once if it lands more fish.
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    If you have much current then I would avoid using the rig. Fished in a pond or lake it would be OK. If you are going to use a multiple hook rig in current I would suggest something similar to a drop shot rig, where the weight is at the end of the line. With a rig like that you can keep the leaders short and avoid tangling.

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    I agree, Jerry. You beat me to the reply!

    Bill in SC
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    Actually surf fisherman use these kinds of rigs all the time.

    Start out with a regular barrel swivel then your choice of mono or light braided wire leader drop down maybe 10-12 inches then attach a 3 way swivel.Tie or crimp if its steal leader your first drop line make it as long as you would like but 12-14 inches is about normal.You can even take some light wire and run it thru the swivel out a few inches onto the drop line (try it and you will figure it out soon) braiding it so to speak so that it is around the mono for the drop line holding it out away from the rest of the rig.

    Continue this for as many droplines you want to run and end the rig with a single snap swivel for attaching the sinker at the bottom.
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    I was also thinking this sounded like a surf rig I've used before. Don't know how it would work for catfish....
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    cut bait maybe, but live bait sounds like a tangled mess, i could see those sunnies swimin in knots:eek:oooh:
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    Sounds similar to a surf rig