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Thank you all for your kind comments on my stories. Your imput helped me come up with the name, Muddy River Blues for my story about Branden. I have three stories so far and want to write a total of about twenty five for a book I'm working on about the Missouri River.
I want to include as many interesting stories about life on the river as possible from today clear back to the early 1900s. Some of my ideas are short stories about sand dredges, the annual canoe from Kc to St. Louis, the coast guard, wildlife, interesting charactors that have lived or fished on the river, fish native to the river, small towns along the river that have disappeared such as the one a man mentioned in a post about one of my stories, old fish camps or ones that are still on the river, unusual boats on the river, the old steam boats that once traveled the river and Lewis and Clark.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions about stories I can include in the book.
I attached a great old photo that shows the Rick Lynn family having a picnic as they drifted down the Missouri in 1952.


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