Story of my first channel catfish

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    I had been fishing only a few times. On my first trip (with my dad) we went to this spot on the bank where we constantly snagged our worm-and-bobber rigs in the roots at the base of the bank.

    I still remember the first fish I saw in the creek - a good 4-foot longnose gar. But it was a rare one with a pigment disorder or something, because it was all black. To this day I wonder where it has gone and it would be the catch of a lifetime, as far as gar fishing.

    So on this first fishing trip some canoers with about 5 rods in their canoe came by and we asked them about the weird fish and that they had caught them with crickets. That is when I first learned about gar. I didn't know anything about fish, except for a few names. I didn't even know about bluegills until we asked someone at the store.

    It took three trips to get my first fish, a good 6-inch bluegill. After a few more times fishing I could catch fish fairly easily near the bank. Oh, and I forgot to mention we had moved downstream a few hundred yards to an overpass where the river turned and had a deep pool. That is still my fishing hole.

    One day I had caught a brown cricket and had it in a jar with a slice of fruit and some sticks. I treated it like a pet (dunno why), but I was pumped to try and catch a gar.

    We got to the spot and I loaded that bug onto the hook with a red-and-white bobber about a foot up from the bait. I threw it out and it landed in the narrow area of current and started drifting. I immediately decided that it was too far out, but before I could start cranking the bobber shot under.

    I was caught by surprise and started reeling it in but I couldn't battle the fish. I asked my dad to pull it in and handed him the rod. He brought the fish in, which turned out to be a channel cat that weighed less than a pound. I figured it was a catfish because of the barbels and I was excited about catching "my first big fish" although it was only about 10 or 11 inches. It had been foul-hooked in the side and we had to give up trying to remove the hook. We let that little guy go, not sure if it would survive with a hook in its side.

    From then on I was hooked. It took me nearly a year to finally get another one, which measured 15 inches. I caught that one on a big crawdad. Recently I have gotten into gar fishing, which is more challenging but very fun when sight fishing.

    If I had not caught that catfish with my pet cricket:big_smile: I might not be here on the BOC today.

    I thought I would share that story because I won't forget it.

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