Stormy weather today

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by squirtspop, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. squirtspop

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    Glencoe, Arkansas
    We just had a storm go thru this afternoon. Luckily I guess the wife and I were at her brothers visiting. We got about a mile from the house and the fields looked like a snow storm had went through. Hail was everywhere.

    When we pulled into the drive I could see holes in the vinyl siding on the west side of the house. I counted them and found 15 holes. Found hail stones about the size of golf balls about 3-4 inches thick along the west end of the house. My truck now has a dimpled hood and top of the cab looks the same way.

    Checked on the boat and one tackle box lid has a large hole in it. Luckily we had stopped on the way back and stopped at Wally World and I had just bought me a new one. The seats look wierd too. They resemble little veins running all over them through the seat covers. Sort of looks like they were frozen and someone sat down on them. Guess I'll have to buy new ones or get them recovered. Have we got any upholsteres in BOAC?

    Haven't checked for anymore damage yet....too muddy outside. Sun is shining again now.
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    Quincy Illinois
    Just ablout an hour ago we had 60 mile an hour winds. With marble sized hail. So i went out to the truck once the storm was all over, which only lasted for about 15 minutes, and turned on the CB. And truckers were talking about a truck turned over. So i waited for a few minutes for a driver to get closer to my house so i could talk to him, and he said there is a big truck turned upsidedown in the hammer lane. About that time my scanner for the Fire Dept came on, and the dispatcher said all units over to exit 1, I72, southbound. So I went there which is only about 10 miles away from my house, and there it was a great big cargo trailer fliped over in the highway. It was the worst thing i ever saw, there was almost no trailer there, but it was a sight to see. I'll post pictures soon. It's just a wonder what these storms can do to a big truck. Hopefully this never happens again.