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    Kathleen G
    I know that when the storms hit there are important things to be done, but if you could ,when there is a bad storm in your area sometime after log in and let us know you are alright and if you need anything you never can tell someone may be able to help.
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    Good food for thought... to have a plan............
    The second week in September of 2004 the wife and i prepaired our home once again for another possible hurricane.
    We went about the task as always moving vehicles lawn tractor and boats and anything else that could be put somewhere else storing them in our in-laws yard pileing our things on the beds and dressers and make shift tables made from plywood and cyi-in-der blocks just incase the waters rose high enough to get into the house as we had flood damage from three other hurricanes which put about 18 inches of water in our home each time.
    Now when this happens your usally out of your home about three months while you are repairing the damages to your home,Clean the mud out, remove the carpet,remove the furniture, remove all the appliances, remove all the doors,Kiltz everything, repaint everything replace all of the above not to mention the garage and the yard and all points between.
    The first time it happend we stayed in our motorhome for about three months.
    The second time it happened we rented a motel room for two months with the assurance from our insurance company that they would pay for our room....and did not! we also stayed in the motorhome that time for another few weeks.
    And then the other time was in the motorhome again by now I think you are starting to get a small idea of what we had to deal with.
    Anyway this last time after about three days of prepairing ...night and day we had done all we could do without loading the house on a trailor and hauling it away. We were both dead tired from all this.
    She went to her brothers house which was on good high ground he and his wife and three girls along with my wife would ride this one out there at least I knew she would be safe there with them while I went to work that was on the evening of th 15th of September 2004.
    At about 1 30 P.M. on the morning of the 16th we had a visitor named Ivan that roared thru and brought with it a tide surge of some 40' thru the Escambia bay of Pensacola now mind you my home was right on a little bayou just barely off of Escambia Bay that bayou was 50' from my back door
    Early the next Morning(4 A.M.) I was breifed by the E. O.C. that the interstate bridge going over Escambia Bay had been torn into by this wall of water moving inland and a semi trailor truck had disapered off the bridge.
    The weather would not allow a search at that time.
    Once I heard this news I knew that the outcome would not be good.
    I worked 7 days and 7 nights before being releived.
    It was 5 days after Ivan before I could get back to my home to see what the danages were.
    It had been flooded for the 4th time but this time there was 8 foot of water in my home.
    It looks as if someone had flushed a giant toilet.
    Everything that was left was destroyed everything in the garage ,everything in the house,everything outside including the dock was gone!
    My wife was in total denial!
    Back to the motorhome once again for about a month untill we found a place to rent where we stayed while going through the awsome task of acessing the damages,Clean up,fighting with the inurance companys, oh! and by the way we had to fight to stay in the home we rented because the landlord decided that he could make more money by selling his home because homes were in high demand here at that time. I finaly had to hire a lawyer to keep them off my back just to have a place to live for those 6 months.
    In October of 2005 I retired and went, full time into dealing with hostile landlords ,lawyers, Insurance,Real estate companies home clean up repair and home buying business for another 9 months.
    Finally sold our place on the bayou and bought a home in Pensacola and was luckey to get it!
    OhYea! there is someting I forgot to add I had several rentals at that time and each one had a seperate insurance company and everyone of them had some kind of damages so I was dealing with about 11 insurance companys at the same time.
    My Father in law had damages to his place and he was 80 years old at the time guess who did the clean up and roof repair in his house?
    Yes its good to have a plan but you know about the plans of men a mice!
    Whats that...Pee Wee says?...I Aint dead yet so I Ain't Quitin!!!
    Good night all!

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    Kathleen G
    It sounds like you have the expertise now to deal with or help deal with storm problems but am sorry that you had to get it the way you did