Store bought shad for channel catfish

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by aggie2305, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. aggie2305

    aggie2305 New Member

    North Carolina
    hey guys,

    i saw the pre=packaged shad at walmart,like 4 or 5 in a pack,
    im goin channel catfishin the weekend, has anybody had success with them?
  2. s_man

    s_man New Member

    south east ohio
    Steve, If you haven't yet you need to get you're own cast net and search out shad to get on your own. The fresher they are the better they stay on the hook. Talk to people you meet out fishing they might be able to tell you where they catch them or seen people catching them etc... Before I got my first net I would walk along the shore and pick up dead ones from the winter kill to use. I was just out at the river wed. and saw three different schools of baby shad (50 to 75 each) swim under my feet right up aginst the bank.

  3. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    I've never caught a catfish using any bait or scent sold by Wal Mart.
  4. slabmaster

    slabmaster New Member

    i havent either jerry .its funny i was just thinking that the catfish bait that walmart sells may be the only merchandise in the whole store thats not made in china.i say get your self a cast net.theres satisfaction in catching your own bait.
  5. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    That stuff is worhthless, try a castnet for fresh shad...Or even cut bluegill will work
  6. vacatfish

    vacatfish New Member

    bedford virginia
    Wal-mart shad before even shiped are robed of there oil the main active thing catfish like about them. the reason wal-mart buys them they get a large number of them for a very low price.

    If you catch a catfish off any of them count yourself a lucky brother. but do one thing buy a pack lay one of them outside in the sun and see if oil ever starts to show from it or if it ever starts to smell bad. if not you know what the deal is.
  7. Ravensmavsfan

    Ravensmavsfan New Member

    I think your talkin about rusty's baby shad. There a waste of money and time. I got some a while back and still have them cause they don't get bites and i don't want to throw them away.
  8. TeamCatHazzard

    TeamCatHazzard New Member

    That stuff from wal-mart sits on the shelf so long, shoot itll fall off the hook as soon as you cast it out. i agree with getting ya a cast net and finding some fresh stuff.
  9. blindfly69

    blindfly69 New Member

    i agree with a castnet i bough one last week for the first time an wit a bit o'practice i was able to go out yesterday and put some in the freezer
  10. loki1982

    loki1982 New Member

    I have to agree, get your own net and catch your own bait if possible. Unfortunetly no everyone has the time, or the resources to catch there own bait. I have used a cast net for the last I dunno 8+ years to catch my own bait and I will never go to anything else.

    As others have said the stuff in packages at walmart has had stuff taken out to make it not spoil, this effects how cats react to it.

    Other benefits of a cast net. Exercise. That might sound funny but I absolutly hate to exercise, but throwing a cats net is one of the funnest things I do. I break a sweat and muscles hurt at the end of the day so I know its working :). Also throwing a cast net can help locate where catfish will be. Where there is, the predatory fish will be following. So if you can locate shad and catch them with your net, then your catfish wont be far behind. And last, its fun to see what ya get in the net. Personally, ive caught turtles, snakes, gar, catfish, crappie, bass, buffalo, beer cans, a christmas tree, fish that are rare in my area like some species of chub, and suckers that most people in my area have never seen.
  11. kccats

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    Olathe, Kansas
    Personaly speaking, gathering the bait is a crucial and yet very satisfiying part of going catfishing. The process of keeping your net nice, repairing it as you go when needed, going after it in the water if you catch a big rock or underwater stump, finding where the bait fish are and the throwing of the net itself cannot be seperated from catfishing.

    It adds so much to my over all experiance that words cannot express.
    Sometimes, it can be very frustrating when you can't find the shad, it is those times that I start throwing in areas that bluegill hang out.
    If that don't work, I pull out my ultralight and go after breem that way.

    Starting last year, I decided to catch and freeze shad in the spring when they are running heavy during spawn for the times when shad are hard or impossible go come by.

    For river fishing and bait catching, you can usually at least be able to catch gar, a drum, or something in your castnet to cut up or use whole.

    For a 25 dollor initial investment, and a little love and care, your cast net will last for several years and catch more bait then you could afford to buy.

    Go back to wally world and get a 4 or 5 ft cast net... you won't regret it.
  12. Chief

    Chief New Member

    i asked this same question a few weeks ago. and got the same results. trash em
  13. Tarheel

    Tarheel New Member

    Did an experiement with a friend a couple of weeks ago. He swore by this dip bait stuff and some packaged fish. After half a day of not even a bite, he switched to my fresh cut shad. I personally think you would have a better chance catching fish on a bare hook...............
  14. BigCat72

    BigCat72 New Member

    The prepackage and dip baits are not very good unless you get lucky and catch a few baby channels on it.Fresh bait is the best.
  15. lord_zainan

    lord_zainan New Member

    Think of it this way... most baits and lures that you buy are designed more to catch the fisherman instead of the fish. Natural has always worked better for me, and a baby shad that is wrapped in plastic and that has been sitting on a shelf for a month to a year (check the manufacture date) doesn't seem all that natural to me. You don't need to spend the big money on a net either. I have a cheap six footer that I paid $17 for and a friend has one that he got at Bass-Pro for $80+. They both catch the same stuff. An added bonus to casting for your own bait is that it will pay for itself in just a few weeks. Once I pulled up a four pound large mouth in my net. There was a few guys out in their boat that had been trying to catch anything they could without luck, and here I was basically just reaching in and grabbing them. Forget WalMart, catch your own.
  16. cooterbrown

    cooterbrown New Member

    i work at wal-mart and personally the only bait ive ever had luck with from there is hog wild in ponds and danny kings punch bait but when i fish at the local lake i catch some shad before i fish and have one pole with shad and the other with danny kings and its usually 50/50 on the two of them