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    does anyone no where u can buy ones bigger than the 7 in ones from egale claw :eek:oooh::eek:oooh::eek:oooh:

    also i fish off of the bottem of my lake and was wondering if the leader really matters...(length wise)

    ive made over 300 leaders and usually go after catfish so ive been wondering
    if its made a difference

    i use 2/0 for catfish and 1 for striper ( sometimes ):smile2:
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    If you have the time and some patience, Ty-Ger leaders are the way to go. They are a nylon coated stranded stainless, tieable leader, thats right you can tie them or you can fuse them by twisting the leader around it self and melting it with a lighter or match. The best part is you can buy them by the spool and they cut very easy with nail clippers for the thinner ones and a pair of wire dykes for the bigger sizes.

    I am in no way affiliated with this company, I have only toured their headquarters in Ironwood, Michigan.



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    At $.80 a foot,add money to that "time and some patience".Sounds great but expensive.Limpness runs with softness in metals.If it is soft enough to cut the small with nail clippers is it really tough enough for toothy fish?Yea I know they say so,but I have lucked up a couple of times and caught a 4 ft. Barracuda and quite a few small sharks on mono over the years.That don;t mean that I will go fishing for them with it.I read all of the info and saw the pics.If it is as good as they say,it will take over the business.If not,it will be just another passing fad.I hope it is for real and the price will come down.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    you can snell your own and make them any length you want. cabelas sells berkley leader material in 55-110yd coils. 50lb test coil costs 6.49 for 55yds that come out to be roughly 4 cents a yard can't beat that. snelling hooks is quick and easy. just in case you don't know how to tie a snell knot here's link to an easy one