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stocking farm pond

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i have started the digging of a 2 acer pond witch will go pretty slow sence im just useing my dads bobcat. queastion is after i get it dug where can i order socking size cats from (like the pay ponds do) do any of you know of a online web site where i can just go look around for now and see whats available to purches and so i can get a rough ideal on whats its gonna cost me?...
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Dont know if I can post this here but try pond boss . They have a forum there all about stocking ponds. I am sure they can help you.
option one is call your local state agency and ask about their stocking rate for fingerlings. look under the kentucky state guide on the main forum and click on state agencies to find the website for your state.

second is go to dunnsfishfarm and check out their prices on stocking,
i will say this though it will help your pond tremendously if you put several grass carp in the pond to get rid of the unwanted weeds that will build up after the fish start growing and spawning.

also it would be smart to put several empty barrels or big old tires in the pond for the fish when it is time for them to spawn.

also if you will be stocking it with fish you catch i wouldnt try to throw a flathead catfish in the pond they tend to eat EVERYTHING lol including other catfish and bass if the pond is big enough you might consider putting one in there after the fish are stable enough at producing and getting big enough.
just trying to help man.
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I would make sure and stock that pond the first year with Shiners/fathead minnows and crawdads to make sure they take off really well and give a good forage base for your fish before stocking them. That second year you can stock the fish and it will be an excellent pond for years to come. Make sure to have plenty of structure for the minnows/crawdads/smaller fish to hide as well. God bless.
I'd contact the state conservation or fish & wildlife department for their guidance - in Missouri, they'll stock your pond for free (provided you make the pond available for "public" use) and they know more about what kind of fish and how many to stock than you can ever learn on your own.

The Missouri Conservation Department web site has lots of articles on building and stocking ponds -- this 64-page PDF file is a good starting place:
The GA DNR gives quotes if they do it and has prive hatcheries you can call as well. Look at there sit eon internet. Happy digging.
ive done checked with my state and all they stock is baby's, im looking for 3lb fish and above, besides the state wants to stock [email protected] in there and i want a cat only pond all 3 kinds with fathead minnows and bluegill stocked every so often. and with the already larger size of the fish it will keep the flat heads from eating my channels and blues.. Altho i think i might have thought of a sulition. i can just buy about 5 fish traps and set then in differant parts of the river and stock that way...
That could work. But either way just go to internet at private hatcheries in your area they do grow them big but for a price.
kycatman, Your fathead minnows won't have a chance to breed and become plentiful if you throw them in randomly AFTER the catfish are stocked. They'll eat them up before they have a chance to reproduce. You have to wait a year after stocking them so they have a chance to breed(usually up to 5 times a year)and become plentiful before stocking your catfish. God bless.
If he put in some good fish attractors like old christmas trees and cinder blocks wouldnt that help his minnows survive.
Mr. T
The Myth Continues, No You Don't Have To Let The Public Fish Your Pond. ;)
Man didnt eve see that Noodle. No way friends and family.
you may need a special license to set fish traps of that kind, you may want to check your local laws before you buy them.
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