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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by countryboy1616, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. countryboy1616

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    Darlington, S.C.
    With so many products on the market does anyone use a product that you really feel is definitely better than the rest? I know this subject has probably been brought up many times but I'm new on here is all. I've tried all sorts of stuff from wal-mart, etc with no luck. I even tried a homemade mix with no luck.

    thanks in advance
  2. NewMexicoCatfisher

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    I'm not a big fan of stink bait. You can buy chicken liver at Wal-Mart and I've done well on that.

  3. whisker maniac

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    With baits it will depend on the lake or river you fish. In other words you have to find out what the fish are used to or what they prefer. Sometimes new and different will work sometimes not. But the best advice I have ever recieved is to find out what the main natural bait fish is and go with that or something similar to that.

    Chicken livers do work well especially for eating size cats. If that is what you are targeting then the liver may work well for you. Keep them well refrigerated because when very cold they stay on the hook better.

    Good Luck
  4. noj77

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    Sonny's dip bait. blood formula. If they are there, you will catch them.
  5. Philiagorillia

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    You just need to keep fishing and trying different dip baits till you find the one they hit on consistantly. Maybe the area you are fishing is a dead area and dosent have alot of fish activity also. Move around, keep trying different things till you see what works best. I can say for myself that i have found Sonnys Blood Forumla, Team Catfish Secret 7, and Cattrackers Shad dip baits all work well for me.
  6. dust777man

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    I use the same. Works real well. Also use Doc's with good success.
  7. shania

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    Hey ROHN,

    First of all, :0a25: to the B.O.C. :big_smile:

    Now as for your question:
    When I fish out here in my home waters of the California Delta, I can't go wrong with using Junnies "Wicked Stickey" stink/dip bait - but I fish in the Colorado River in Blythe (So. Calif.) Earlyer this month & the stink/dip of choice there is Magic Bait "Premo Stink/Dip Bait" (Blood Flavor).

    So in other words / the answer is:

    It all depends on which one works in your area. If I were you I would just ask some of the user of stink/dip bait on the water that you fish the most - and I would go from there.

    You take it easy & again Welcome aboard,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010: (Granddaughter)
  8. Apache Flats

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    Hog wild almost always works for me.
  9. DLB-in-GR

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    In my local lake, I use Sonny's Original. I tried the blood flavor but not for very long as it didn't produce bites for me side by side with original. But that was in the middle of summer, maybe a different time of the year I would have different results. What they say about finding what works for your fishing hole is true. I started out using corn dough bait for carp and found I was catching catfish, not carp, so I switched to fishing for catfish and have never looked back. I got lucky and found they liked Sonny's in my lake, which was the next thing I tried.

    On the other hand, I have used Sonny's original in other lakes and gotten no luck, not even a bite. I can speculate that there weren't cats there in great numbers, weren't biting that day, I wasn't fishing in the right spot, or maybe it was the wrong bait for that lake? Some guys carry several kinds to see what the fish want in their lake or river on that particular day; that is too complicated for me. I usually put out a small bluegill (if I can catch it) on one of my rods and Sonny's on the other, and if I don't catch anything I say the fish weren't biting that day.