Stinger Rig for Catfishing

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    Original post made by William Sipes(Riverrat) on August 14, 2002

    After losing what I thought was a pretty good cat last week, I've been working on a stinger rig. I wanted something that was easy to make, and adjustable for different lengths of baitfish. This is what I came up with. I hope the drawing is pretty much self explanatory, but it goes sliding river sinker, bead, splitshot to stop the river sinker then a swivel/clip combo, followed by the main hook. The swivel is threaded through the main line, allowing it to slide up and down, letting you determine where it is placed based on the size of the baitfish. When you cast, all the pressure should be on the back hook, so the front sliding hook should be able to be hooked barely through the back of the baitfish towards the head, not causing any damage. This rig could be reversed also, with the stationary hook first, and the sliding hook second with a large bass casting type sinker tied on the end of the line.