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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by shortbus, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. shortbus

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    There's been some talk lately about stinger/trailing hooks. I haven't seen anything being said about what type and size of hook you use for a trailing hook. (maybe I didn't look hard enough) I tried using two 7/0 hooks in a live gill and they were to heavy for the bait to swim around with. I was going to use a small treble hook untill I figured out how easy they bend. A large flathead would bend the hooks straight in no time. What size and type of hook do you use??? I have all the rigging and hook placement figured out but I'm stuck on this:confused2: . Thanx, all !!!
  2. gater460

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    ive never used them but the ones ive seen were trebel hooks not sure the size. they would stick one hook in the bait the other two laid along side the bait

  3. special liberty

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    Trebel size 4 & up to 3/0 depending on the size of bait and the size of fish. Yesterday I boated a 29 lbs blue cat out of the Potomac that was caught soley on the stinger, a size 4 prerigged stinger with 12 lbs test line. I'm lazy!! I buy my stingers prerigged, look online at Cabelas, search "stinger". They were Lazer Sharp or Eagle Claw. For hooks bigger than size 4 your going to have to tie your own. I won't fish again without them - since I started using them due to the light bites, 30% of my fish have been on the stinger.
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    If your using a 7/0 main hook I would use a 3/0 stinger. I use a 5/0 hook mainly and a 3/0 stinger if needed. On king rigs I will use a 3/0 main and two #4 trebles but that is salt water fishing.
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    I've used a 7/0 "J" stinger behind an 8/0 "J". The single stingers I've used were trotline hooks with very large eyes that would fit over the 8/0 hooks barb and would use a piece of rubber over the barb to hold it on the 8/0.

    Also pack 6/0 "TERRIBLE" trebles for when the Flats bite real real lite.

    All this only on cut baits and still am brain storming a better way....there always is ya know.

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    Where can we get the stingers at? Anyone have a web site for them?
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    If I'm using live or dead carp baits I use an 8/0 single knicked through the tail root and one or two trebles depending on the size of the bait. My idea of a nice bait is about 2 pounds.I try and keep the number of hooks down as the more points on the leader, the more chance of one going into me when I stick my hand in the cat's mouth!