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Ever since I got the 08' Catfish Connection catalog, I been wanting to get the new Abu 6500 Trophy Reel ( Blue Cat) model and when I called in Jan, they told me it would be in stock in Feb. when I called in early Feb they told me the middle of the month, when I called 2 weeks ago they said they would have them in by the end of the month and so I called again this afternoon and guess what, still not in stock yet, said they are expecting them any day though.... A little frustrating looking at one of my US Tiger rods sitting there all alone wth no reel on it. I think its lonely and feels out of place next to the other outfits all ready to tangle with some blues!! When I go out this weekend, Im sure it will give me the puppy dog look as I head out the door with all its buddies and have to leave it at home.:crazy:

Anyone else waiting for this reel? I thought another on here said they already got the reel but i cant remember who it was??:wink:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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