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    Went down to the small spillway I like to go to to see if the water was back down to where I could get to it and fish for skips. As I drove up I could see that the river was back down in its banks and my hopes got up. I parked my truck and looked around first before getting out my rod and decided to drive around to the other side. The other side was more accessible to the spillway gates. There wasn't alot of flow thru the gates but a little. I was hoping it was enough. I got my rod and tied on three crappie jigs. I cast those jigs all over the place. Along side the walls, Up in the gate area, up thru the gates into the spillway, just all over. Never got a bite from nothing. I tried jigging them up and down the wall and still nothing. I guess all the high water we've had this spring with no swift water thru that small spillway the skips have moved and haven't come back yet.:eek:oooh:
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    Kevin, the time to catch skipjack at Murray is when either the powerhouse or the spillway is releasing at least 20-25cfs more than the other side. That will cause water to pour through the notch in the dike between the powerhouse canal and the main part of the river below the spillway. And that's where you can catch the skippies.