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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by tntitans21399, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. tntitans21399

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    I am still learning things but I was just wondering when you put out your rods, do you put the same type of bait on all the rods? Or do you put different baits on different rods?
  2. metalman

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    It depends on what you're after. If you want a bunch of eaters you might put 3 rods out with 3 different baits such as cut shad, worms and shrimp or minnow, dip bait and cut bluegill. If I am after bigger Flatheads I will put out 3 live bluegills or maybe 2 'gills and a big live shad. For big blues I might use all cut shad or cut skipjack but I may cut them different depending on the size of the bait available...W

  3. catfishrollo

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    i mainly flathead fish, and yes i place baits on rods accordingly... here is a method i try to use. i always have a variety of livebaits. usually have small to med sized ones.. these being warmouth or green sunfish..or to large...usually big big as my hand or bigger...and a few BIG baits, usually 8-15 inches, these being smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bullheads or carp is my choice.. when placing these baits i try to stagger them.. with the smaller ones in size being fished the farthest from the boat... the big baits such as the carp, bass etc. i fish closer to the boat. mostly within a few yards... reason being i want less line out for a more solid hookset on the bigger baits.. this helps i think in minimizing long hooksets, and has decreased my misses.. smaller baits tend not to be as much of a problem, due to more hook gap exposed etc..of course area and structure, along with current are other factors that come into play when considering " how and where".. try to create a system that works for you, and you will increase your catch ratio by doing so...goodluck.....rollo
  4. brinley45cal

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    I take along a few reels and put different bait on each one.That will tell you what bait they hitting on,then you can switch them over or set up like you want.i normally use cut bait like bluegill,or liver,shrimp,and crawlers for a small pole to catch my bait.
  5. BKS72

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    East of KC
    Depends on what ends up in the castnet :wink:. Usually cut Asian carp, shad, and goldeye. I usually run 4-6 rods and will bait up at least one of each with each type of bait I happen to have. If one bait keeps getting bit, I'll slowly change over rigs to that bait. A lot of it depends on what kind of water I'm fishing as well. I don't use much live bait if I'm fishing ripping current, hard to keep them on and alive. Also depends on time of year. In June when the blue bite is tough, I'll run a lot more live bait to try for flats. In Missouri we don't have the luxury Rollo does of using game fish for bait - big no-no here. We can only use bluegill up to 5" and can't use crappie, bass, etc, at all. I do like to use bullheads because they're fun to catch in the first place and live forever on a hook. Good Luck!

  6. catfishscotty

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    i use only cutbait when im drifting ,cut shad. other then that i like to use half live, half cut bait usually run 3 to 6 rods . dont let anybody tell u flatheads eat live bait only this isnt true i catch many flatheads on cut bait i like heads and fillets. if its legal in your state u can even double rig, one hook with cut the other with live i do this alot if current isnt to strong. only bad thing about it is the other hook can get snaged in something when fighting a fish if your fishing alot of brush. but the more bait u have in the water the better to me.
  7. Plowboy411

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    This is good advice,I can use some of it.thank you all.
  8. tncatfishing

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    clk. tn
    I usualy have four different poles with me, and the biggest one I like to put it where I think the biggest fish may be, plus it can cast a little farther. Bait wise I mix it up, from cut bait as in chunks and fillets, to shad guts, and minnows known as tuffies. In the summer I sometimes use two hooks on my leaders each with a different bait.
  9. huskercatman

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    Great info. :roll_eyes: thanks
  10. tomflatcat

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    Hampstead, NC
    I use 7 rods. I use live bait on 3 or 4 rods and cut on the remaing rods. I seem to catch more with cut bait.
  11. katkiller77

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    dayton ohio
    my main baits are these 5 thing 1 to 4 inch bluegills, 1 to 4 inch creek chubs, goldfish, night crawlers and chicken liver. when i got to the river, i usually one of 8 foot berkley cat rods with bluegill or creek chub. my smaller 7 foot quantam rod I use night crawlers or chicken livers. i have found using different baits at the same time has brought me better results. good luck :big_smile: