Stiff steering in the iwnter months?

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  1. Anybody have trouble in winter with thier cable steering? Mine gets pretty tight below freezing, I grease it and lube it and it's still stiifens up. Maybe I should take it out of the motor mount and clean it up and regrease?
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    Sounds like a good idea to me... also I would check to see if different types of grease react to the cold more than others and choose a grease that will not freeze up or stiffen up in freezing conditions.

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    A 12 gage shotgun bore brush and mop is good for cleaning one out inserted in a drill. I have in the winter time used a small propane torch to heat where it goes through the mounting bracket and force clean grease into it. Use a good marine grease.
  4. Thanks guys, did just that, and it still gets stiff below freezing. but it is better. I use that green waterproof marine grease, doesn't say what the operating temps are. Maybe I should taked the cable off and clean it real good and just use light oil for the winter months?? I may try that.
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    Take the cable out of the engine. Let it hang behind the boat and clean the grease off of it and out of the slide tube of the cable. Use a heat gun on the metal sliding parts to help evaporate the moisture in the cable.

    It helps to have a second person at the wheel.

    Check to see that your engine turns freely, by hand, and your problem isn't in your engine pivot tube. It can be warmed with a heat gun and grease can force out the water you have in there also, and you always get water in there.

    Clean out the tilt tube on the engine with the 12 ga bore brush and reassemble.

    I use a penetrating oil on the sliding parts of the cable to dissoleve the grease and help gets it clean.
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    i know at work the only bearings that would lock up in the cold were the ones that the seals were shot on. probably moisture getting in there holdin ya up. bobs idea would work great
  7. Yah, I got to work on that when this weather gets better, I'll try to take pics for yas, thanks for all the help guys.:big_smile: