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Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by Jacy2010, Nov 4, 2007.

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    Dear BOC Brothers and Sisters,

    PLEASE PM ME rather than post back if you know what might be wrong or if you think you can give me some advice. My stereo is a Phillips Mini Hi-Fi and has a 3 cd changer. well what the problem is is that the cd player with the 3 cd changer has hole in the top of it where some hard cover plastic is supposed to be. when i turn on the cd player the drawer will open so i can put the cd in the slot but when i close it it will say READING DISC you know like it is supposed to and that makes me think it is working but it isn't. Then all the sudden it says on the screen that there is "NO DISC". Could the hole in the top be causing this and if so is there anyway to fix it without taking it somewhere and having it repaired for who knows how much. if not should i just throw it away and get an new one. Hint Hint I am trying to get it fixed myself but dont know how beause i'm going to give it to my best friend downstairs for christmas. I am most likely going to get a new one when i can. Thanks Much
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    Most electronics these days are throw away units. The lasers, and motors used are really cheap and have a high failure rate. If the unit cost under 200 and is an all in one system your best bet is to just use the radio and get a different cd player.

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    are you playing a burnt cd? or does it do it on store bought cds to? id imagine that the eye lense is scratched up and wont read the disc
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    it sounds like your sensor is bad. there is a sensor in there that lets the stereo know when a disc is in or not. that way it doesnt keep trying to run a disc when there is not one in there. i would just get a new one. you are going to cause yourself more time and trouble trying to fix it then you are getting a new one.