Steering ur trolling motor from ur boats steering wheel!

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by repoman3809, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. repoman3809

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    Cincinnati, Ohi
    I have a transom mount trolling motor, which I rig to my I/O outdrive in order to be able to steer the trolling motor from my boats steering wheel. I love being able to do this, but didnt realize Minn Kota actually makes one just for this. :crazy:

    I seen a pic where a BOC guy had one of these mounted on his boat, thats what promoted my search for one. I'm gonna definitely get one of these here soon.:roll_eyes:
  2. neocats

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    As friend of mine has twin trolling motors mounted on each side of his outboard. It's a sweet set-up.

  3. ohio hilljack

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    The day you told me how yours was set up I decided this was a perfect idea and I immediately set about with plans to fabricate a bracket to fasten to my motor. I seldom buy any thing till I make sure I can't make it myself. Sometimes this ends up costing me more than just going out and purchasing it but you can't blame a gut for trying to save some money..
  4. GaryF

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    Somebody sold one of those for $300 here on the BOC just a few weeks ago,
    I've been thinking about it too, the positives are obvious, the negatives are that you can't tilt your outboard up and then use the troller to go through a shallow spot, and it also performs poorly in reverse. The other problem I have... what has stopped me from getting one... is that the 2-3" it sticks out would have made my boat too long for the garage, I only have about 1" to spare :sad2:
  5. bluejay

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    I have the remote control for my trolling motor. I can run it from anywhere in the boat. Works for me.