Stealing is in the air

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Dadoftwo, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Dadoftwo

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    Oklahoma City
    I just had 2 of my ABU 6500's on ugly stick and a Cattmax rode lifted out the bed of my truck. Just yesterday someone helped themselves to my sons x-mas gifts out of the back of my moms SUV. This time of year is suppose to be joyous but sure makes a person feel like a scrooge when you get a double action of theftitis.:angry:
  2. porboy

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    TX Panhand
    Darn Barry, It is hard to get that Xmas feeling when something like that happens. Anything that has been stolen from me has never showed back up.
    Good luck in the future.

  3. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    If they ever catch them, they will look you square in the eyes and tell you they needed a fix a lot more than you needed fishing poles. Maybe we should have Shira law for 15 years or so... bet you could leave anything laying around and it would still be there. But lets face it, the courts will rule it is not worth thirty thousand in taxpayers money to incarcerate someone for just one year - for a few hundred dollars worth of fishing equipment.
  4. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    It's sad. The elderly are really at risk this time of year. It's bad enough to be held up, but the cowardly SOB's now, just knock the folks down an beat the stuffing out em. Even lil old ladies. That kind of thing used to be unheard of around here. But there will be dozens here before Xmas.
  5. River_monster91

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    central kansas
    stuff like that happens around here more than people would like to admit. if i ever caught someone stealin out of my truck i gaurantee they wouldent be able to walk for a year
  6. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    Two things I hate: a thief and or a liar !!
    Folks be careful out there. Thieves are a lot bolder these days for sure. They stalk a lot more and the real sneaky ones even use their 2-way and or cell phones. One guy tracks you while the other steals everything out of your vehicle. This technique was being used a lot at our local Lowe's Store.

    Now days they are just using a hammer and smacking side windows ( exact same technique fire fighters are taught ) in broad day light. They stalk peoples yards ( happened to me once ) for goodies. And yea even beat up senior citizens on the side walk. The new thing here lately is going to construction sites and robbing the workers money and cell gun point. My wife works as a waitress at night and I even worry about her walking through the parking lot...... Its a shame it has to be this way isn't it. I tinted my windows and don't leave anything in site, its about all you can do : (

    I'm sorry your rods got stole, that's a hard hit to us cat chasers.

  7. r ward

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    Kathleen G
    Sorry to hear about the double trouble I have had it happen now I got a locking cover on my truck to slow people down at least
  8. zappaf19

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    Boy that sucks! I hope they turn up for you!
  9. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    If you want to keep it, dont leave it in the back of a truck.
    I wont step out of sight of a truck with anything of mine in the back of it I want to keep.
    No way.

    The people that think they can leave their stuff in unlocked vehicles or unsecured these days are just naive and a target.