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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bootshowl, Sep 14, 2007.

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    Indiana, J
    Here in Indiana, the fee's go up every year, and the services drop off. Less Officers in the field. Less places to check your deer in. I caught myself wondering if other states are experiencing the same.
    This year the tag fee is $24, just for the tag. The hunting & fishing license is $25. I know they still need to thin the herds, as you can take 8 deer in my county; if ya want to pay for them.(2 antlered, 6 does)
    How's that compare to other states?
  2. spoonfish

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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Missouri went to a on-line or telephone check system. Sure is a lot nicer than driving to a check station after a days hunt.

    Firearms any deer tag is 17.00
    For 1 deer of either sex state wide.

    Firearms antlerless tag is 7.00
    Unlimited tags may be purchased for most countys in the state.

    Archery permit is 19.00
    For 2 deer and 2 turkeys.

    Other options are available, for managed hunts.

    Resident land owner permits are free with diff. options available.

  3. flathead willie

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    Here it's $18 for a state hunting license, $18 for Big game, (5 deer, 5 Turkey, one Bear), $18 for Bow License, $18 for Muzzle loader, then you get two more "bonus tags" for $12.50 and we can buy as many of those as we want. Everything is $5 more then last year or $20 more for the season.
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    Kansas CIty, MO
    Same as last year Free! Land owner tags all the way. But to answer your question nope Missouri does not have that problem.
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    Iowa, license fees, Small game, 17.50 plus habitat fee 11.50, this is for residents, you have to have these 2 things to hunt anything in Iowa. Any deer, 27.00, You can hunt 1 season/early muzzy/1st/2nd/late muzzy and in addition to that season, you can bow hunt, then doe season, 27.00 for the first license, 12.00 per tag after that. Turkey license 23.00 per license and you are allowed 2 tags in the spring and 1 tag in the fall.
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    Evansville, Ind

    wish i still lived in missouri.... indiana is rediculous on raising there licenses .. its almost like i gotta shed some clothing sell it.. and then i can afford all the outdoors fishing and hunting. but then i cant go because ill freeze to death... well u know what i mean.
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    65.00 That pay's for every thing except a duck stamp!:big_smile:
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    We were going to use tags this year for the first time in Louisiana in 50 years.They didn't work then and the Wildlife and Fisheries couldn't get it to work this year so they moved it back another year. Here we are allowed 3 does and 3 bucks. Unless you are part of a management program, unlimited does and just 2 buck. I solved my problem of the increase of license fees 3 years ago. I purchased my lifetime hunting license $300 but I am young enough to make it worth it. I think if you are 60 years or older you can purchase a lifetime license for $50 or every year for $5 that includes hunting and fishing. It cost $50 - $100 a year if you purchase every year.