Starving To Death From Rabbits.

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by tomflatcat, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. tomflatcat

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    Hampstead, NC
    Has anyone heard that in a survival situation, you can starve to death by eating only rabbits? I was wondering if there is any truth to this.
  2. ratkinson

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    In a survival situation, eat the entire rabbit, internals as well. They are very lean and if you want to survive you'll need to eat the internal organs ....even this won't sustain over very long periods of time. I will say that if you are crafty enough to catch the rabbits you will be a step ahead of many stranded in the wilderness.


  3. Big Dav

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    We need fat to survive and rabbits have virtually no fat what so ever. There was a survivor man episode on Discovery a while back and he talked about starving to death on just rabbits. I knew they were very low fat but i did not realize you could starve to death just eating rabbits in a survival situation. At least that is what he claimed. I don't ever plain of finding out. That is why I never leave home with our it, fat that is. LOL:smile2::eek:oooh:

  4. postbeetle

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    Ya gotta eat the morrow and as much soft bone as possible. If you are worried about dying don't bleed 'em out. It will, I guarantee you take a loooooong time to die of starvation with only rabbit. Rabbit and an ample supply of beer for vitamins and who cares whether you starve or not.
  5. john catfish young

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    You could survive for quite some time before starving to death on rabbits. First off , if you are in a survival situation....water will be your most important factor. You wont last long at all without water. If you can catch rabbits...enough rabbits to eat over a long period of time ...then you could also catch could also collect greens and some sort of edible vegetation. Depending on what time of year it was...there could be all sorts of options available to the savvy outdoorsman or survivalist.:wink:
  6. peewee williams

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    We discussed this in training in the military in the early 60's.This is the best that I remember and believe.

    During WW one.The french civilian population had a high illness and mortality rate.Especially in the winter.The Beef and Horse meat they normally ate was not available and all food was in much shorter supply.In some areas it was critical.The meat of rabbits replaced most of the other meat and was "all" that was available to eat for some that lived off of the wild ones.Some of these lived on the fringe of the battlefield that use to be their homes and farms.You did not fare well on a diet of rabbit or Hare alone.Also they carry many parasites.Starving Folk eat everything.

    Wild rabbits and even our tame Hares we raise for food and pets can be a major sources of Tape worm and many other parasites.This also helped kill off more French.These weakened people also had to face the Flu epidemic at the end of the war.Few & skimpy records of the civilian population were kept or have survived.

    Now I had heard of some of this from ww1 vets and how a lot of the French of all ages and sexes were just skin and bones in some areas near the front.They guessed that they had no where else to go.

    I love the taste of Beef,Horse,Ass and Hare meat.I have raised New Zealand Giants to eat.The meat of Hares and Rabbits is good in a modern diet.It is just not a good staple diet for the ill,weak,starving or folks on a BAD diet in my belief and training.Neither is Bread alone.I have probably eaten thousands of wild Rabbits and hundreds of domestically raised Hares.I remember two Rabbit cycles in my youth where they went from numbers like a plague to disappeared from disease.They have been scarce since the newer pesticides and weed killers.Also the White "Cow Birds" from Africa are a marvel at discovering and picking the Cottontail young out of the little fur nest the female makes.

    I eat them cooked in many ways when I can get or buy one.I love the young ones fried like a chicken.If "Kentucky Fried Chicken fried rabbits,I would patronize them.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  7. plainsman

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    Well, in this day and age, I doubt anyone is gonna be lost long enough to starve to death. Most people got enough fat on em to survive without eating for longer than they will be lost. I think its possible, but unlikely.
  8. cantstopgrandma

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    I always thought it was a type of poisoning....not necessarily starving. Protein poisoning? is that right? something like that. Not enough fat in them to keep your body going.
  9. massa_jorge

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    hell if you get that lost for any amount of time, shoot someone's cow.. that will get you found in no time!
  10. peewee williams

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    You made my day!I can hear you now.But your honor.I ain't no cow killer or rustler.I was lost!

    I love you brother.

    I love you Brothers and sisters.peewee

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    well cantstopgrandma hit it. eating nothing for meat but WILD rabbits in a survival for long periods of time will result in PROTIEN poisoning. theres no fat to speak of in the meat. like some said eat the heart liver bones.

    dont worry tom those califorinians have plenty fat in the hutches along with a mc'd's cheesburger youll never experirnce that,lol.

    like big dave. i never leave home without a good supply of fat,lol.
  12. firechief4201

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    Catlettsburg, Kentucky
    Elephant Stew:

    Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
    -------- ------------ --------------------------------
    1 large elephant
    plenty of brown gravy
    salt & pepper to taste
    2 whole rabbits -- optional

    Cut elephant into bite-size pieces (allow about 2 months to do this). Hold
    aside trunk, you can use it to store the pieces.
    Put elephant in large (very large) pot; add enough gravy to cover. Cook over
    kerosene fire at 450 degrees for about 4 weeks, or until golden brown.
    Serves 3,800. If more guest are expected, 2 rabbits may be added. However,
    this should be done only if absolutely necessary. Most people do not like to
    find hare in their stew.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :smile2:
  13. CountryHart

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    No more rabbits than we have here anymore, i would starve pretty quik. We got some fat bobcats and others predators however. The rabbits are scarce here and quail are very rare anymore.