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    I am sending this for a guy I work with. He has a 1999 Chevy S-10, two wheel drive, 4 cylinder, automatic. He has been through 4 starters in the last two years and two flywheels in the last year. The Mechanic that he has taken it two has checked everything he knows to check. I do not have a clue what the issue is. Any suggestions?
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    It may not be shimmed right. If its eating up the flexplate its not lining up right. If its to tight the splines will lock together and will cause the starter to stay locked against the flexplate and continue to spin and wear it out. Might need to take it to another mechanic. Tell him good luck....

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    most definately not shimmed. had this a while ago on a cavalier. although be aware that there could be diff. starters for this truck, meaning the splines set deeper, shallower or the shafts are short/ longer. the cavalier was a combo of the wrong shim and the wrong style starter. check those and let us know. u can probably find out how many diff starters by calling autozone or advance auto parts, tell them your scenario and they should be able to look it up on the PC for ya