Star Drag Maintenance

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    Original post made by Otto Wintgens(Sman) on November 18, 2003

    Star drags use a stack of alternating metal and fiber washers that spin against each other creating friction which slows the spool. When pulled the line should come off smooth and even. If your drag feels "jerky" or "shudders" when line is being pulled there is probably a build up of oil and/or water on the drag washers. The water can be dried easy enough. If its oil its usually from over-lubricating, and all the excess oil must be removed. Take care when separating the drag components so they can be reassembled correctly.You can clean them with Dawn dishwashing detergent or disc-brake parts cleaner.The washers must be dry and oil free to work properly. Check to see if the metal washers are "cupped" from over tightening the drag. They should be smooth and flat. Replace if needed. Now for reassembly, use just enough grease to put a light coat on the teeth of the main gear, Wiping off any excess. And a light coat of oil on the other metal surfaces. ( I use a Q-tip for this ) Just make sure no oil gets on either the metal or the fiber washers,and your drag should work just like new.