Stanley Draper

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    Alright, I know somebody here knows Stanley Draper's secrets. It was featured in catfish insider awhile back for its Blue cats. I cant seem to find them. I was crappie fishing from the dock a couple of months ago and all my minnows below about 13 feet would die. I guess there is no oxygen down there. Perhaps its turned over now but I dont know. I just want to know where these Blues are. What side of the lake is good? How deep down should I fish at this time of the year? Im not the greatest lake fisherman (i usually like to bushwack along a river) The only thing I ever hear about Draper is all the dead bodies that have been found there. Not much traffic at this lake at all. It actually kind of spooky to fish there alone at night cause' of all the stories. Anyway, its kind of a mystery lake Id like to unlock.