Stainless or Blued?

Discussion in 'Hunting Gear Talk' started by derail, May 28, 2008.

  1. derail

    derail New Member

    I prefer a stainless rifle, just for the ease of care and the durability factor. Am just curious to hear from my shooting family what your preferences and reasons for them are.:004:
  2. Katmandeux

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    Checotah, Oklahoma
    I agree, even though I'm quite certain I will go to hell for even thinking that.:embarassed:

  3. ratkinson

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    That's funny....

    I've only have one SST rifle and I do love it. I tend to be drawn to the craftsmanship of older guns, so for the most part I'll go with blued.
  4. Bill in SC

    Bill in SC New Member

    South Caro
    STAINLESS, for all my weapons. Blue sure looks nice, but stainless sure STAYS nice, without much effort. I've had aplenty of both.
    Bill in SC
  5. slabmaster

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    i had a ruger security six 6inch 357 in SS. i wish i had never traded it off. i bought my wife a ruger mkiii tareget in SS. All my other fire arms are blued. i was trained as a kid to clean my guns after useing them so i get along pretty well with a blued gun. i have a little P3AT that i use for CC i kind of like the wear marks from daily carry.
  6. gottagetabigun

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    blued. not necessarily what i prefer it is all i have. i have used the same deer rifle for 30 years. rem. 760. .270 cal. just never felt the need for anything else. several shotguns. blued. i do wish i would have bought a stainless muzzle loader though. i do take care of them also.
  7. 223reload

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    Guess i'm the sticker in the butt. Blued ,Matt finish if I can get it,That bright white metal seems to stand out to me ,I feel like it does to the wildlife too. On the looks tho and care ,Stainless is very pleasing to the eye and much more forgiving to puttin her up a little wet.
  8. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    Thats something Ive always wondered about, can wildlife see stainless better than blued? The only stainless gun I have is a pistol and I love it as far as caring for it, but I wonder when I take it in the woods if it'll stick out. But for hunting over 100 yards away it may not matter?
  9. massa_jorge

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    hey richard, don't you watch them huntin shows? you damn near have to have a stainless rifle if you're going to do any REAL hunting! :smile2:

    mine and my wife's carry guns are stainless, and the gp-100 i got the father in law is stainless too. i like blued weapons better though, especially for hunting. i have been shooting a weatherby vanguard in .30-06 for almost 8 seasons now, and it has worked fine. i use silicone on all my guns, regardless of finish, and a product called tetra gun lube. it gets in the metal good below the silicone. i don't have rust problems on any of my guns since i started this combination. except for our personal defense weapons, every gun i have is blued.
  10. xringer3

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    Stainless guns are alot easier to take care of without the worry of rust or corrosion. Don't get me wrong, they will still rust. They're not maintinance free, you just can get by with waiting a little longer to do it. I believe they do stand out more though. I like them better when I'm not hunting in areas were the game is close enough that the movement will spook them.

    I like the looks mostly of the blued guns and hunt wit them most of the time. They can be weather resistant very easily with just minor work. I take mine out of the stock and give them a few coats of a good car wax, then put them back in the stock. I then have to recheck my zero before I hunt. This gives a protective film against the rain so I don't have to pull them out of the stock until after the season. I haven't had a blued gun rust from rain this way yet.

    As far as stocks, I still like the looks of a good wood stock. Gives me something to admire on those long waits on stand. I've never had one warp like they say they're prone to do also. I just make sure they're sealed up so the water can't get into the wood. When I get a new rifle, I bed the action and usually float the barrel. I then coat all the exposed areas of wood inside the action and barrel channel with Tru-Oil or some other wood finish to keep water or moisture from the wood and I'm good.

    My preference for looks has to be the new trend of a flat matt finish stainless barreled action with nicely figured wood stock. Haven't got one yet, but my birthday's coming up if anyone out there want's to help me out, LOL!