Stabilizing the yak

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    I've been kicking around the idea of putting a stabilizer bar on my yak, but I'm being cheap and don't want to spend the money LOL. Anyone have any ideas for making a removeable homemade stabilizer bar? Yak is a Dimension sit inside type.
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    Welcome to the BOC, Stuart! :0a25:

    Now, about stabilizing your ride, check out this related thread first:

    One company in particular, KFS, has some articles posted on how to make outriggers. Send me a PM if you need a direct link.

    They actually sell a outrigger kit that is really neat. The prices on outrigger kits are dropping.

    Having said that, I would suggest that if stability is important to you, consider trading kayaks. There are some very stable kayaks SOTs out there (such as the Heritage Redfish) that you can stand on, with a little practice. No kidding...I feel more stable on my kayak than I do in a jon boat, and even felt this way the first time I ever launched one!

    Also, make certain that your kayak is matched to your height and body weight--it makes a big difference.

    I figure that outriggers are a last resort and least preferred option. I have enough craft wetted area to have to push through the water...I don't need more drag. Also, with three lines in the water, an anchor, and paddle, too, I just don't want outriggers in the way.

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    All very good input. Bottom line is that like Joel said you can put lipstick on a pig but you still have a pig. Look at finding a SOT that fits you and you will be much happier.