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    With all this cold weather coming on (temps around zero here in Arkansas), some of you might be taking a break from the water for a while. I am actually going 3 weeks between fishing trips, which is a record for me. This would be a good time for people to put some Sta-Bil in their gas tanks. I just put in 8 oz to treat 20 gallons in my tank. If your gas has already been sitting in the tank for a while now, it might be a long time before some people's boats are taken out again with all this cold weather we are having. It sure would be a drag to find you end up with motor trouble after the gas has sat all winter in the tank.
    With this cold weather, people need to think about tilting their motor's down to let any water drain out, if you already haven't. I always drain mine at the ramp, but still store my boat with the lower unit just off the ground in the vertical position. A big old chunk of ice wouldn't do the lower unit any good.
    Also, while you might be at it, check the water in the batteries and keep them charged up as well.

    I know you all may know these things to do, just passing on things we sometimes take for granted and forget. If you can think of other cold weather tips, please pass them on for the BOC.
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    One other thing that is a good idea. When you put Stabil in it, make sure it is the marine Stabil. I know it's more expensive, but it is better formulated to handle the menthanol gasolines we get today and it helps keep from dirtying up the older carbs, from rubber deterioration, that settles in the carbs..